My little daredevil child

We were blessed with a daredevil child.
She was relatively calm growing up...until she could walk. Now our little monkey named Lena climbs on everything. But she’s so good at it now I really don’t worry. I let her go up and down the stairs without help. I don’t even follow her anymore.
I got a call last week from Lena’s daycare, saying Lena had fallen off the kitchen chair. Not a huge distance to the ground, but they weren’t sure how she landed. We watched her for signs of concussion that day and overnight. She was fine, but running at half-speed the next day.
I am going to reiterate what I’ve said from the beginning of this experience: This was no one’s fault, including everyone at Lena’s daycare. My child is a monkey, and this was bound to happen sooner or later.
My mom watched her the next morning. She said Lena was kind of favoring her left shoulder. It may have been nothing, since she was playing and giggling pretty well. Still, my gut said to be safe rather than sorry.
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