More than just free babysitting

If my mom and I are both in the room with my daughter, I don’t exist.

One major perk about moving back home is free babysitting. With my parents living only a few blocks away, my kids get to see their grandparents on an almost daily basis.
    That also means if something comes up, “Nama” swoops in to save the day.
    A study done at the University of Oxford shows how important the relationship between a child and their grandparents is.
    The research included over 1,500 children and suggests involvement of grandparents in a child’s life contributes to the child’s wellbeing, leading to less behavior and emotional problems.
    The study also suggested that grandmother involvement was more associated with nurturing, while grandfather involvement was more associated with mentoring and activities.
    There’s a flip side as well. Some nursing homes are offering daycare as well, where both children and elderly interact on a daily basis.
    Some research shows being around young children helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    My daughter even has a T-shirt that says “Grandma is my bestie.”
    It’s gone even further to the point that if my mom and I are both in the room with my daughter, I don’t exist—it’s all about Nama (how she says “Grandma”)
    My dad also has a new nickname.
    During dinner at my parents’ house a few weeks ago, my daughter went around the table, pointing at everyone and saying their names. “Nama. Mommy. Daddy. Brother.” She drew a blank at my dad.
    “Who is that, Lena?” I asked her. Another blank. “Grandpa,” I said, pointing. Her response sounded somewhat like “Grandpa.”
    But my dad responds, “Did you just call me ‘Paco?’”
    And there you have it. My dad is now “Paco.”
    Be sure to use his new name if you see him around town.


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