Second grader Bergan Lefdal is a published author in Highlights magazine’s October issue. (Johnson Publications photo)

Second grader earns byline in Highlights October issue

    Eight-year-old Bergan Lefdal, a second grader at Chase County Schools, can already report she’s a published author.
    She is just one of a handful of students selected for the October magazine’s “You Finished the Story” segment. The magazine published about three paragraphs of a story’s beginning and students were asked to finish it.
    Titled “The Mysterious Manor,” the story’s beginning told of a girl and boy who passed by a mysterious house each day on their way to and from school.
    The boy in the story, Dan, said his brother believed it wasn’t a house at all, but rather a magic portal.
    “Just then, the door on the house burst open and...”
    That’s where students were asked to finish the tale.
    Young Bergan wrote, “They saw a spinning portal. They jumped into it and went to the future. They saw aliens. The aliens had 61 feet and 35 eyes.
    “Dan and Priyanka just stood there for a minute. Then the aliens jumped into the portal. Dan and Priyanka jumped in, too, and caught the aliens. They went back home and said, ‘What a day!’”

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