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Something doesn’t feel right as election nears

Given the lack of acrimony, it hardly seems like we’re just weeks away from a statewide general election.
Perhaps the rancor over the U.S. Supreme Court nomination has dulled our senses or simply overshadowed what could be another—yawn—Republican sweep in a Republican state.
When I say sweep, I’m not ready to include the gubernatorial race, where the smug millionaire incumbent Republican has avoided debating the eager Democrat challenger at any cost. The traditional State Fair debate—held on a weekday afternoon—was almost laughable and did little to enlighten anyone. A joint appearance at the Temple Israel in west Omaha was just that, a joint appearance.
A debate in Wayne never happened when the challenger suggested statewide broadcast of the event and the incumbent balked. Attempts to schedule a series of debates were in vain.
Even the interest of C-Span and statewide educational television couldn’t bring the Republicans out of their comfort zone as they resorted to calling the challenger desperate.
As I said early in this race, I guess if you live anywhere west of Grand Island, you’re not going to have a chance to see a debate to compare style and ideas and sincerity and trustworthiness. If you missed the State Fair debate, you’re outta luck.
You might ask yourself why. I suggest there are a couple things at play.
First, the incumbent and his ruling party are so smug and secure, they don’t think they have to work for it. They have dark money forces ready to swoop in and spread lies and misinformation at the drop of a hat.
The incumbent has a majority of the Legislature on financial strings and is assured he can have his will and way there. So why debate?
Second, the incumbent and his cronies have seen the poll numbers and they aren’t what they thought they’d be. They don’t want to run the risk of giving the challenger a chance to tighten the gap even more through an honest debate on the issues.
So, they’ll avoid the debates and the issues and let their guy rest on his laurels. Yes, I firmly believe that is a likely case.

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