Christmas shopping done, presents wrapped, strings attached?

Christmas is coming; can the next session of the Nebraska Legislature be far behind? Would you believe Jan. 3, 2017?

The Governor has done his pre-legislative shopping. He spent something in the neighborhood of $70,000 of his own money directly on legislative seats and another $130,000 or so on the Republican Party to use on legislative races. Then there’s the $300,000 he paid for a referendum that ultimately put the death penalty back on the books.

That’s a half million dollars. Sure, it’s his money and he can do what he wants to with it.

It was a massive precedent-setting move.

Let’s hope he got what he bought. Six senators who should toe the line and the opportunity to kill the 10 people currently on death row.

No strings attached, right? I can’t speak to the blood-lust of the Governor and the Attorney General— although it was gracious of them to wait a whole three weeks after the election before announcing that they had a new protocol for the drugs and the method that will be used for the executions. By the way, that protocol won’t be released until the inmate is told about it a month or two before the scheduled execution.



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