Budget may be next ‘fumble’ for President

April Fools’ Day has come and gone, but on the first of the month, I kept marveling at how—starting even before he ran, continuing through his campaign and certainly since Inauguration Day—Donald Trump has played us for a fool. Successfully, I might add.
After all, we elected him, or enough of us did. Millions of people were and are attracted to his message of hate and ignorance—that, combined with justified anger at the establishment.
Even though millions more did not vote for him, he and his operators finessed a Democratic candidate who frittered away the huge advantage of being far more qualified, due in large part to her campaign strategists who were in totally over their heads.
So Trump took the Electoral College. It may be a quirky American way of choosing our great leader, but with all his rhetorical and Twitterical foolishness, he won fair and square.
Or maybe foul and scary, if you count the Russian interference and alleged collusion. More about that in a moment.
The point is that we now have installed a chief executive for whom every day is Fools’ Day—January, February, March and April Fools’ Days, with more to come.
Every single day, POTUS and his people bring us what seem to be new practical jokes. Trump’s tweets alone display his mind running wild, uninhibited by facts, knowledge or rational thought. His various policies are crazily irresponsible or downright cruel.
The only thing that has rescued the nation from disaster just 70-plus days into his administration is incompetence. Trump and company have managed to botch up nearly all their initiatives.
His immigration blockade ran afoul with the courts, as anyone who took high-school civics could have predicted.

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