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2020: whole year looked like month of March

What a year it’s been! Is it still March?
Coronavirus, racial unrest, a divisive election, restrictions, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, cancellations. At this time last year, who knew?
It seems to have been March when we in the heartland became painfully aware of this virus that, at this writing, has killed more than 1,200 Nebraskans. Two of them were my friends. Many more friends and family members have had the dreaded disease and survived. But the after-effects are as yet unknown.
If anything, we have increased our vocabulary through all this. Websters and have both named pandemic as the word of the year. We were probably as unaware of that term as we were coronavirus or Covid-19.
But wait, there’s more. We are patiently navigating a “new normal.” Or are we still waiting for that? Who knew about “Zoom” or “Google Meet” before 2020?
We may have known that the CDC was the Centers for Disease Control. But how many of us were aware that PPE was Personal Protective Equipment, let alone that it would be in short supply at some point?
It didn’t take long before “social distancing” not only became a thing, but we knew what and why. It was a better alternative to “lockdown” which usually resulted in “shutdowns.”
Soon we learned that the best way to “flatten the curve” was to avoid “super spreader events” which would certainly result in “community spread” that would surely kick in “contact tracing.”
Who knew that so many events would be canceled? Some things were postponed, more than once. Arena shows, movies, church services, football games, baseball games, all canceled or played on very limited schedules.
Was 2020 the worst year ever? It took its licks.

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