Supreme Court confirmations turning into a circus

People’s frustration with the ineptness of government has driven society to where it is today.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) may have summed up the situation best during the opening day of confirmation hearings Tuesday for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
    “To my friends on the other side, you can’t lose the election and pick judges. If you want to pick judges, you better win.”
    That was a theme heralded during the Obama years and now the shoe’s on the other foot.
    So now the Democrats are doing anything and everything to disrupt the confirmation process. That includes Dem senators making absurd motions to adjourn, talking over the chair and whining about documents provided or not provided on Judge Kavanaugh.
    Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse actually acted like a U.S. senator for once. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Sen. Sasse based on his obvious dislike for President Trump.
    However, on Tuesday, he voiced how every Supreme Court confirmation hearing going forward is going to be an “overblown, politicized circus.”
    He noted how the legislative branch of government, which should be the strongest branch of government representing the people, has abdicated their responsibilities and is “weak” and “impotent.”
    As a result, the executive branch has been delegated more power to “legislate” since the legislative branch is more interested in keeping their Washington, D.C. jobs than legislating.
    Since the legislative branch actually does little political debate,    that debate gets transferred to the Supreme Çourt.
    In turn, that’s what makes the Court such a political battle ground when it comes to life-long appointments to the court.
    Sasse noted this country needs desperately to restore of the balance of power in all three branches of government.
    Not only does the balance of power need restored, so does the civility and respect for others with differing points of view.  
    Sasse is right when he said Washington gets so little done. People’s frustration with the ineptness of government has driven society to where it is today.
    But back to the confirmation hearings—we need a high court that interprets the law, not a court that makes it.
    That should be the want of all Americans, regardless of their political affiliations and beliefs. Politics does not belong inside the Supreme Court.


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