Message to graduates important one

Remember where you came from; support here will not change.

I’ll have to agree with the common belief that most of us do not remember a word from our commencement speakers. I’m in that group—I have no idea who it was at high school or college, let alone what they said.
    But, I do hope that the 2018 graduates from Chase County Schools DO keep in their hearts what two of their speakers, Supt. Joey Lefdal and Principal Chad Scheel, had to say Saturday afternoon. I know their words touched my heart during speeches that weren’t long-winded but had important messages.
    Of the two administrators, Principal Scheel spoke first and used a superhero theme, noting if they have to make a choice, the superhero will save the innocent victim and let the villain go. He encouraged the former high school seniors to do the same as they enter the next stage of their lives—speak up when you witness an injustice and protect the weak among us.
    Supt. Lefdal’s message was also one that we all should take to heart. We only have so many days in our lives, so Lefdal encouraged the graduates to use them for what’s important. While use of technology and the many devices available today are at the top of the list of where most spend their time according to a Reebok global study, it’s his belief that list-topper should be what a survey he cited has at the bottom—helping others and taking care of your health. He encouraged the graduates to use their talents, which are many, to help others.
    My annual message to the graduates from Chase County Schools: Remember where you came from. Your valedictorians both acknowledged the strong support they felt from this community, as well as their families.
    That doesn’t change when you leave. We hope you come back and continue to share those talents you have back in your home community some day. But even if you don’t, all of you have our best wishes and prayers as you move forward to this next, exciting time in your lives.    Congratulations!


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