What are you doing to prep for election?

Take some initiative to get informed on the candidates.

We have an awesome freedom in this country to select the people who will determine how our governments on all levels are operated.
    However, most of us likely take that opportunity for granted. With the primary election less than two weeks away, we all have some time to change that, but we need to take the initiative.
    Starting last week, The Imperial Republican began a three-week series of Q & A interviews with candidates who are in runoffs at the primary. A good crowd filled the theatre in late April for forums that introduced some of the city and county candidates. Those things alone take countless hours to provide you some information on the candidates you’ll be considering for elected office.
    However, there’s nothing better than talking one-on-one to a candidate. That’s not the same as talking “about” a candidate who you’ve heard this or that about.
    In our three weeks of Q & A reports that continue this week and next, there is no way we are able to pose all of the questions to candidates that are important to you or this community due to space limitations. That’s why each of us needs to take some of our own initiative, too, to find out where candidates stand.
    Of course even before that, you have to be registered to vote. In order to vote in the May 15 primary, you have to be registered by this Friday. Also make sure, if you’ve moved or changed your name, that the clerk’s office is aware of that, too.
    This year features one of the more contested primaries in a lot of years here in Chase County, with five different races in which one or more candidates will be eliminated as others move onto the general election. Don’t miss your chance to be informed and vote.

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