National Anthem issue refuses to go away

Most fans don’t want to continue hearing about this issue.

Just when it seemed the NFL controversy involving respect for the flag was over, we find that it’s not. I guess we could only hope for that, but with the biggest game in football next weekend, why let another chance for more disagreement pass?
    After all, that’s what sells these days.
    The latest is refusal by the NFL to run an ad in its Super Bowl LII program encouraging players and fans at the Feb. 4 game in Minneapolis to stand during the National Anthem.
        Submitted by American Veterans, known as AMVETS, it simply featured a full page ad with the American flag flying in the wind, held by a pair of soldiers with the words “Please Stand.” Also listed was an address where people could make a $20 donation to aid veterans.
    Pretty controversial, I guess.
    While NFL spokesmen, in their refusal to run it, told AMVETS officials they didn’t want to take a position on the issue, the national director of AMVETS responded correctly—“By not letting us run the ad, we think they are taking a position.”
    The NFL’s vice president of communications responded that the Super Bowl programs aren’t a place for political messaging. Really? When did standing and showing respect for the flag become a “political” message?
    Further, I question why a group of players all season decided to use the NFL platform for their message anyway.
    Maybe fans should throw their support behind other professional sports, maybe hockey or how about basketball? Those organizations will be running the AMVETS ad in programs at their all-star games this season.
    Whatever issues those players have by refusing publicly to cover their hearts and stand during the National Anthem, unfortunately, are being brought up again in the wrong place. This latest AMVETS ad issue is giving the disrespectful players the camera again.
    A football game isn’t where this should be debated. It’s too bad it’s now been extended longer to the biggest game of the season, thanks to those at the top of the NFL. I believe most fans don’t want to continue hearing about this issue.


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