Children of many ages jump into the pool at the blow of the whistle, to find coins and look for the lucky gold dollars to win prizes at the fair’s penny dive. (Johnson Publications photo)

Penny dive winners who found the two orange painted gold dollars were Mylah Quinto, left, and Alex Johnson. They both received a carnival mega pass. (Johnson Publications photo)

Big splash at fair’s penny dive

Several dozen youths got a chance to cool off and have a good time at the city pool last Thursday. They were trying their luck at the penny dive as part of the Chase County Fair.
    Boxes of mixed types of coins were scattered over most of the pool so all ages of children could dive for the “treasure.”
    Mixed in with the coins were 18 gold dollars. Any child who found one won a T-shirt.
    There were two more special gold dollars painted orange. Mylah Quinto and Alex Johnson were the lucky swimmers who found them. They both received mega passes to the carnival.
    All participants got to keep any coins they found.
    The sponsor for the penny dive was Adams Drug, who also provided the coins for the event.

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