Cycling is not for faint of heart

    I recently was given a bicycle. I’ve done my research and I know that cycling is a really good form of exercise. It works your legs and core without hurting your knees like running sometimes does.
    So after reading eight different blogs on the benefits of cycling and watching all of these videos of people racing down rocky cliffs I got inspired and decided to give it a go!
    The other night was my first attempt, and I’m going to be 100 percent honest—it did not go as planned.
    One would think riding a bike is super easy, you get on and start peddling right? Yes, but when you factor in bumpy/hilly dirt roads and the overly excited dog I decided to drag along, the ride becomes slightly more complicated.
    Duke and I got maybe 80 feet before complications arose. All of a sudden this gust of wind came up and shot a bug or rock straight into my eye. I was totally caught off guard and obviously flinched. The whole bike moved with me, turning towards Duke who had been doing such a good job of staying right next to me and not running in front of the bike.
    Not being able to see clearly out of my right eye with the left one watering profusely because my contact dried out from the wind my legs kept peddling, but my arms quit steering.
    I slowly got closer and closer to the edge of the ditch as I was rubbing my eye trying remove the foreign bug/rock. Before I knew it I was flying head over heels through the air.
    I landed on a yucca plant and when I stood up, my bike was four feet away and Duke was standing on the road peering down at me with concern and confusion.
    I was determined to get in a decent workout so I dusted myself off, plucked the stickers out of my derriere, re-tied my shoes and got back on the road.
    I started peddling as furiously as I could trying to make up for lost time. The sun was going down, and I still had to do some gardening and other outdoor chores to finish.

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