April showers bring thoughts of Thanksgiving

    Has anyone else noticed how absolutely beautiful it has been outside lately? The rain we received and the new season that is beginning to unfold is using good ole fashioned teamwork to make everything look stunning.
    Now I know it’s not full-blown spring quite yet, but if you drive around town or look out at your lawn you can see buds starting to bloom and there is green, did you hear me, GREEN grass growing!!
    Alright, maybe I should calm down a bit, it is still a bit nippy outside and I’m still running my heater at night so I don’t freeze in my old poorly insulated house. I even had to scrape off a little bit of ice from my windshield before coming to work this morning.
    Oh who am I kidding, I’m still super excited! The smells in the air and seeing all of the adorable calves wobbling about makes my heart just about burst with happiness.
    In the midst of my celebrating and garden planning something completely random came to mind. I suddenly had all these thoughts about Thanksgiving.
    Hold up, did you type that correctly? Am I seriously bringing up Thanksgiving in April?? Yes, yes dear friends I sure am!
    I think it stemmed from a place of being exceedingly grateful for the rain and then joyously realizing that nine out of my 10 chickens made it through the winter!  
    As per usual, my thoughts quickly spiraled down a long bunny trail. I started thinking about what it means to really be thankful, and after doing some soul searching I have concluded that I am a terrible person.
    Yes, it’s true! I spend more time griping and groaning about my work load, lack of sleep or busy schedule than I do taking time to truly enjoy and appreciate something as tiny and wonderful as reading a couple of chapters in a good book, playing a 15 minute game of fetch with my trustee pooch or taking time to unwind by making a pie or delicious bread.
    The last time I actually searched my memory wheel and tried to peg down what I was thankful for was, well you guessed it, Thanksgiving! That’s a bit concerning, considering the fact that Thanksgiving was nearly five months ago!!
    Springtime seems to carry such hustle and bustle! We all come out of our hibernation state of being, pale, groggy and with winter weight we have gained but managed to cover with big bulky sweaters and scarves to admire the green leaves and vibrant flowers.
    All of which stimulates the mind, and gives me an itch to deep clean my entire house, do some landscaping and start exercising again. All good and at times necessary activities.
    However, I firmly believe that it is in our human nature to get bogged down and overfill our schedules with too many to-do lists, which ultimately leave us focused solely on work, fogging over the kind appreciative side of the brain.
    The other morning, instead of hitting snooze 12 times, I got out of bed, wrapped myself in a blanket, went outside and looked out at the glowing soft pinks and splashes of blues and purples painted across the sky.
    I was out there for maybe three minutes before hearing the tea kettle screaming at me to come turn the burner off. Instead of going back outside I got dressed, smeared some makeup on and went to work.

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