Study: economic impact of hospital exceeds $22 million

    Do people know how much economic impact Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) contributes?
    How about more than $22 million in 2017?
    That figure came from a just-completed study by the Heartland Health Alliance, a consortium of 32 rural hospitals throughout Nebraska.
    Hospital CEO Steve Lewis said the study shows just how important CCCH is to Chase County and the state as a whole.
    Lewis wants people in Chase County to understand the value of the economic impact the hospital makes.
    The study looked at three distinct areas of impact—direct, indirect and induced.
    Direct impact includes the number of jobs that are directly generated, the amount of revenue those jobs create from the operation of the hospital and the local and state taxes generated by those jobs.
    The indirect impact measures the economic contribution of jobs that exist in support of the hospital. Examples include contract skilled labor, supplies, motels, etc.
    The induced impact represents the impact hospital employees and indirect downstream employees have on supporting local businesses. Some of these include restaurants, real estate, insurance, household goods, groceries, utilities, etc.
    The study shows the direct impact from the hospital represents 78.8 jobs with revenue created of nearly $12 million.
    Indirect impact accounts for another 29.6 jobs with an impact of $4.48 million.
    The downstream induced impact represents another 46.8 jobs in Chase County accounting for $6.1 million in economic impact.
    All totalled, the hospital impacts 115.2 jobs in the county with a total economic impact of $22,574,734. Local and state


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