Solid Waste Agency dissolution still hitting some snags

    At least one city council member would not sign documents to dissolve the SW Nebraska Solid Waste Agency now after discussion during the council’s meeting Monday.
    Other council members and Mayor Dwight Coleman discussed the city’s agreement it has proposed if the agency were to dissolve and the city assumes operation.
    The two entities have been debating what a dissolution would look like if the city’s offer to take over total control of solid waste management was okayed by the commissioners.
    Both entities have been negotiating on the wording of the exit documents to be signed before that would happen.
    Council member Doug Gaswick has met with the commissioners on the contract, most recently at the commissioners’ Dec. 22 meeting.
    “Needless to say, the county commissioners do not go along with most of the changes Josh (Wendell) and I made to their legal counsel,” he said.
    Gaswick reviewed the four main areas with which the commissioners have problems:
    1) Both the city and county have the chance every 10 years to continue or discontinue the agreement. The county wants sole right to do that since the county is the responsible party to provide solid waste management and to provide services for all county residents.
    2) Sale of dirt from excavations at the transfer station to private persons. The county prefers that dirt be used solely for county and city public work on roads or other projects. Gaswick said the contract wording allows for sale to private citizens for building projects, etc., but the commissioners do not favor that.
    3) First right of refusal. Gaswick said giving the county that first right to buy is agreeable if it was the entire operation, but the city suggests having the option to sell small parts of the property, such as trading land with a neighbor.

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