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Becky Kuntzelman | Johnson Publications
Dennis and LaRue Krutsinger are seated at the education station #1 filling out the required forms for the vaccine. Heidi Wheeler is in back with volunteer Sheila Stromberger assisting the Krutsingers.

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Becky Kuntzelman | Johnson Publications
Imperial Public Works Supt. Pat Davison receives his COVID-19 vaccination before heading to the observation station.

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Becky Kuntzelman | Johnson Publications
Facing the camera from left are Jacci Paisley, a CCS kindergarten teacher, and Angie Paisley, CCS school nurse. They are completing the next step at the #2 screening station before getting vaccinated.

Second level of Phase 1 COVID vaccinations given

There are three levels in the Phase 1 COVID vaccination schedule—1A, 1B and 1C, said Myra Stoney of Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department (SWNPHD).
Tuesday morning, SWNPHD personnel and two nurses from Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) joined together to set up a vaccination clinic at the Chase County EMS barn and administered the Moderna vaccine to 1B first responders (city infrastructure employees, education workers, firemen, police, ag business sectors) and people 75 and older, said Stoney.
They also gave vaccinations to 1A individuals who may have missed last week’s clinic.
“These vaccinations are invitation only because the vaccine comes frozen, and once thawed, it must be injected into a human body within six hours or it will be ruined,”  she said.
There are 10 doses in each vial. Strict adherence to timing and giving the vaccine quickly is crucial.
COVID vaccination clinics are made up of four stations, said Heidi Wheeler, assistant director of SWNPHD.
Station one is an education station where patients fill out forms.
Station two is for screening patients, copying insurance information and entering  them in the system.
The vaccination station is number three where two nurses are giving injections to patients simultaneously.
The fourth and last is the observation station where patients, having received the vaccine, are monitored for 15 minutes in case of an adverse reaction.
Wheeler said they were expecting to give 65 vaccinations in Imperial Tuesday before heading to Ogallala to hold the same clinic.
Change for Adams Drug
The plan has changed for Adams Drug pharmacist Jamie Hanes to administer the COVID-19 Phase 1 vaccine to staff and residents at Imperial Manor and Parkview-Heights.
Walgreen’s will be giving those vaccinations, and Hanes will be giving vaccinations beginning with Phase 2, said Amber Yaw at Adams Drug.


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