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Officers and members of the Chase County FFVF chapter met with FFVF President and CEO David Harmer last week at a private get-together. Shown are Lesley Nordhausen, Carrie Terryberry, Harmer, Marilee Wallin, Jill Moline and Julie Gockley. (Courtesy photo)

FFVF President/CEO visits Chase County chapter

National President and CEO of the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge (FFVF), David Harmer, visited members of the Chase County chapter last week.
The group held a private get-together at Brad and Jill Moline’s social house on Friday.
“He is new to the position within the last few years and his goal is to visit every chapter,” local FFVF president Carrie Terryberry said.
Harmer said the FFVF has lost about half of its chapters “and he wants to make sure the ones he has are good and then grow from there,” she added.
There are only two FFVF chapters in Nebraska: Chase County and Omaha.
“The Omaha chapter does not send students to Valley Forge anymore, so we are the only active chapter in Nebraska,” local vice president Jill Moline said.
Harmer also wanted to visit the Chase County chapter “because we are by far the smallest community population to have an active chapter,” she added.
Members at the gathering discussed the history of the Chase County chapter.
In 1974, Nancy Weir became interested in starting a chapter due to her sister, Margaret Sans’ involvement in the San Diego chapter.
Weir sent her son, Joe Weir, and Owen Swanson on the Valley Forge and Philadelphia trip with the San Diego chapter.
Swanson attended the gathering Friday and told the group about his experience.  
Swanson, an eighth grader at the time, admitted he probably would have learned more if he was a little older.
Upcoming events
The Chase County FFVF chapter is preparing for holiday events.
“We’re taking a year off of the Polar Express,” Terryberry said. “But we’re planning to do it next year.”
The chapter is planning a different form of Christmas fundraiser this year.
Nov. 21 will be a “classy Christmas event” at Brad and Linsey Foote’s home.
Tickets will be $50, which includes two of “Linsey’s famous chocolate martinis and light appetizers.”
The chapter will still be doing rhunza sales this year. Preorders will start soon.


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