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Hypnotist Edward Wunder puts 10 volunteers from the audience under hypnosis at the Chase County Fair. Here, they believe through hypnotic suggestion, that they are all driving a car or motorcycle at different speeds on a roadway. (Johnson Publications photo)

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Leslie Aeby was one of 10 volunteers during the first performance by hypnotist Edward Wunder. For this skit, she was told she could make a bottle of Gatorade float in the air, but would not be able to see her friend holding it. (Johnson Publications photo)

Fair crowds amazed, delighted by hypnotist

    Edward Wunder of Lincoln  entertained fair crowds during two different shows last Thursday.
    Wunder is a board certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.
    Wunder performs as a comedy hypnotist on stage.
    He states that his shows are clean and family-friendly.
    During the earlier performance Aug. 15, 10 volunteers from the audience were on stage and put under hypnosis. The participants followed his suggestions and instructions to the delight of those watching.
    In one skit, he had the group thinking they were in over 100 degree weather, sweating and fanning themselves trying to get cool.
    Immediately following that skit, Wunder reversed the hypnotic suggestion saying the temperature was dropping and below freezing.
    The participants responded by shivering and hugging themselves to get warm.
    He then brought one volunteer, Leslie Aeby of Imperial, to the front of the stage and convinced her that a friend from the audience was invisible while she was actually holding a Gatorade bottle in front of her, making Aeby think it was floating in the air by magic.
    There were other group “skits” while participants were under hypnosis.
    At the end of his performances, Wunder said he tries to leave the volunteers with something positive in the form of a hypnotic suggestion.
    “I like to give a gift to volunteers at the close of a show that’s not a compulsion, but rather a gentle reminder to ‘do it, feel it and believe it’ of one thing they think could improve their lives,” said Wunder.

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