Dr. Hatz starting to attend prenatal appointments

Dr. David Younger is the main provider for obstetrics at Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH).
Dr. Liz Hatz can now do prenatal visits “and we are trying to get her more training to be able to deliver,” CCCH’s Head of Labor and Delivery Shannon Kuhlmann said.
For now, Hatz can see patients for prenatal visits and can be in the delivery room to observe and assist.
Kuhlmann said the clinic is trying to get another doctor on staff so Hatz can go complete that training. Dr. Hatz has to “have so many deliveries” before she could do them on her own.
However, “If it were an emergency, yes, (Hatz) could deliver on her own,” Kuhlmann added.
“We’re mainly getting her in on the prenatal side of things.”
“A lot of people don’t realize Brandy (Hanes) and Jodi (Spady) also do prenatal visits in conjunction with one of the MDs,” Kuhlmann said.
For example, Spady could see a patient for an appointment, but that patient’s next appointment would have to be with Dr. Younger or Dr. Hatz.
“If we felt it was a high-risk pregnancy we may have (the patient) see the physician more frequently,” Kuhlmann said.

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