County commissioners deal with pair of road concerns

    Though they may be located in the same area, the county’s two road discussions at the April 9 commissioners’ meeting are vastly different problems.
    After building a new road into a house site recently purchased by Tanner Maddux on a section line between Donna Whiting and Nebraska Board of Education land, the county was contacted by a representative of the board of education saying the county didn’t have permission to build the road.
    Commissioner Chuck Vette said the county has often built roads on section lines where needed. In those cases, both landowners want the road.
    In this case, however, Vette was told the county would have to reimburse the board of education for the land, roughly an acre of dryland farm ground.
    Before the new road was built east off of Avenue 343, access to the building site was through a trail road off Highway 6 bisecting the board of education land. Vette said the state wanted to close this road.
    The county is expected to submit a survey of the property and proposed settlement to the state.
    If the state isn’t willing to negotiate, the new road will be condemned.
    Just a couple of miles away on Old Highway 6 is a spot where water is eroding the ditch right up to the pavement.
    Vette said the county has dumped concrete chunks there to stop the erosion in the past. Ideally, he said, it needs to be repacked and a waterway put in.

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