Chase County Community Hospital welcomes medical undergraduate

Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) has welcomed a new medical student to its team for the next month. Amy Dreessen is a third year medical student who attends the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha.
    Dreessen attended Southwest Minnesota State for her undergraduate degree where she received a double major in biology and chemistry.
    She also played first base for Southwest Minnesota State’s softball team all four years of her undergraduate college career.
    “I made life long friendships there. Softball taught me teamwork and showed me what work ethic is,” said Dreessen.
    Dreessen is a third-year medical student. Third-year medical students have to complete a total of 12 clinical rotations, each lasting four weeks.
    “I’m excited to finally get out of the classroom, and into the action. In the classroom it is about exam scores. This is now about someone’s life,” Dreessen said.
    Dreessen is looking forward to being in the room with the various specialists that visit CCCH.
    Although unsure of what specific path of the medical world she wants to go down, Dreessen is currently interested in internal medicine. She is hoping that this clinical will help her make an official decision.
    “It is never too late to decide what route you want to go with. I made this decision pretty late in the game, but I worked as a CNA and that really helped with the transition. I believe that it is a good to be exposed to these rural areas,” said Dreesen.

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