Candidate town hall planned Monday

    Voters wanting to learn more about candidates on the ballot for the Primary Election  can attend a candidate town hall planned for Monday night.
    The town hall will be held at the Imperial Theater. It will be split into two different sessions, with the city candidate segment running from 6:30-7:30 p.m. followed by the county candidate segment from 7:30-8:30 p.m.
    The event was organized by Mason Holmes. He said he wants people to be informed about candidates who are running in contested races in the primary.
    Holmes is also among three candidates running for the mayor of Imperial.
    In the Primary Election, set for Tuesday, May 15, there are  eight candidates running in contested races for city positions and another eight on the county ticket in contested races.
    Holmes said 16 candidates on the stage at the same time wouldn’t be practical. That’s why the town hall will be split into two segments. Plus, county voters can come just for the second session if they prefer.
    Candidates will field questions submitted by the audience. Russ Pankonin of
The Imperial Republican will serve as the moderator for each portion of the event.
    Pankonin said if people want to submit questions in advance, they can do so at the Republican office. With a one-hour limit, it may not be possible to address all questions, he noted.
    Holmes said all candidates seeking office this election cycle are invited to attend.
    Candidates in contested races in the Primary include:
Mayor of City of Imperial—Mason Holmes, Dwight Coleman, Preston Smith. (Two will advance to General.)
Imperial City Council - Vote for up to Two—Chad Yaw, Charlesa D. Kline, Blake Moreland, Darcy Moreland, Craig A. Loeffler. (Four will advance to General.)
County Treasurer—Cynthia S. Schoenberger (R); Penny L. Strand (R). (Since both are running on Republican ticket and there are no Democrats running, race will be decided in the Primary but winning candidate will still appear on General Election ballot).
County Commissioner - District 2—David Hogsett (R); Jacci L. Brown (R); Jim Hayes (R). (Only one will advance to General.)
County Commissioner - District 3—Sid Bartels (R); Mark Davidson (R); Dennis Kunnemann (R). (Only one will advance to General.)
    Candidates automatically advancing to the General Election, due to uncontested races in their party affiliation, include:
County Assessor—Dotty Bartels (R).
County Attorney—Arlan G. Wine (R).
County Clerk—Debra K. Clark (R); Billie Hayes (D).
County Sheriff—Kevin E. Mueller (R).
County Surveyor—No filings.
County Commissioner - District 2—Duncan C. Einspahr (L).

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