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Jamilah Bauerle holds a bioplasm machine, an energetic information system, while the auriculotherapy machine at her elbow uses points on the skin to help balance the body’s systems. (Johnson Publications photo)

Bringing the body into balance focus of Bauerle’s practice

    Her own poor health several years ago has led Jamilah Bauerle of Champion to explore and now practice natural healing.
    Bauerle, 31, has opened Cornerstone Wellness Solutions, Inc. in both Imperial and McCook. Her Imperial office is in Koch Chiropractic at 441 Broadway.
    Three or four years ago Bauerle was “really, really sick. I knew my body was dying.” She visited doctors but was unable to obtain a diagnosis.
    Bauerle was experiencing “24/7 pain,” couldn’t eat, had numb feet and hands and “really strange issues no one could tie together.”
    After finding a woman in Julesburg, Colo., who worked with biofeedback, Bauerle realized her body was out of balance.
    Bringing a body back into balance is her goal for not only herself and her family, but now other people as well.
    Bauerle will listen to problems people have and find a natural way to help them feel better.
    She stresses that she is not a medical practitioner. She does not “diagnose, treat or cure anything.”
    However, she may at times refer someone to a doctor, chiropractor or massage therapist.
     One type of health care can help another in the healing process, she observed.
    There are a number of machines that Bauerle uses to discover where problems in a body may exist.
    Auriculotherapy uses a machine on the ear to increase or decrease energy to certain parts of the body.
    Bauerle said the ear is a kind of map of the entire body. When one point on the ear is stimulated, it points to a certain part of the body.
    A Bioplasm machine looks like a set of headphones. The machine, which is similar to one used by NASA, looks into DNA, blood cells, the eye, mammary glands and more to see changes in a body. It sends signals to the brain to direct blood and tissue to an organ that needs change.
    The Bioplasm and a Quantum are Bauerle’s main instruments in her practice. The Quantum provides a scan of organs, giving her 37 different reports, one for each organ as well as minerals, enzymes and the Ph of the body.
    “It helps me to know what’s out of balance,” she said.

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