Dwight and Wilma Egle maintain contentment after 75 years of marriage. The family picture shown behind them helps make their new residence at Imperial Parkview-Heights feel like home. (Johnson Publications photo)

During practice Monday night, cast member Nike Smith, who plays 16-year-old Jon in “The Room,” stumbles through the imaginary door. Other cast members in the scene are, from left, Megan Baird, Gabrielle Krutsinger (foreground), Halle Fiedler, Noah Griffin and Kheren Guillen. “The Room” will be performed Monday in Bridgeport at the SPVA Conference contest. (Johnson Publications photo)

Pictured from left are Sue Moore, local Auxiliary president, and first, second and third place winners in the local Patriot’s Pen contest, Morgan Peterson, Jaiden Hill and Piper Lefdal. (Johnson Publicans photo)

Local News

Friday’s FBLA-sponsored Veterans Day programs at Chase County Schools provided a chance for youngsters to meet some real veterans.

    After seeking input from their planning consultant, Chase County’s Planning Commission found out they may be among the first in the state to adopt zoning regulations on manure composting.

Members of a citizens’ group, Landowners for a Common Purpose, urged the board of the Upper Republican Natural Resources  District (URNRD) to sell the 19,000 acres owned by NCORPE in Lincoln County


In 1968, Phillip Morris decided the time had come to market cigarettes toward women, who had begun to make discernible social progress and were finally moving away from the stifling ideal of the ba

Makerspaces are the new buzz among the young and hip tech-savvy 20-somethings. But they’re not something that you’ll just find in Lincoln or Omaha.

Few in media have disparaged President Donald Trump more harshly than I have.


While much of the activity in the field this time of year is centered on pheasant, deer and duck hunting, Chris Weiss of Imperial found success with his fishing equipment earlier this week at Ender

The 7 x 8 mule deer bagged by Alan Smith drew a big smile. Its spread was 23.5 inches. (Photo courtesy of Laker’s Bait & Tackle)

    According to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the opening two days of Nebraska’s firearm deer season started strong.

Deer hunting prospects are expected to be good across Nebraska this firearm season, which opens Saturday morning. Firearm season closes Nov. 19. Archery season will continue until Dec. 31. (Johnson Publications photo)

    Hunter orange will be a popular color across Nebraska Saturday with the start of the firearm deer season.

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