Gadget geek tendencies prove ingenious in repair issue

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My hubby is a gadget geek and shopper to the ultimate degree. Although many times I roll my eyes, I’ll have to say he does produce some pretty handy solutions in times of need.
Recently he made the most ingenious discovery using tremendous out-of-the-box thinking. Our dishwasher suddenly seemed to be rather worthless and everything had to be rinsed.
In one load, I didn’t bother to rinse cinnamon and sugar off a bowl since one spray of water should swish it away. Or not. That was the final straw to confirm there was indeed an unacceptable issue.
Try to beat this story in the repair department. Russ sealed flashlights in food saver bags and put them in the dishwasher. Why flashlights in the dishwasher you ask? So did I.
He then mounted his GoPro underwater camera which of course a gadget geek would happen to have handy. I came home the next evening to see him watching a recording of the inside of the dishwasher during a complete wash cycle. Fascinating.
Interesting find. Screws holding the base to funnel water to the sprayers were all loose and water was gushing out underneath instead of through the sprayers. Tightening those screws provided an immediate fix. Problem solved.
Note to self. Let the guy have fun with his gadgets. You probably don’t even know all the times they help you. And all those golf gadgets are certain to improve his game which in turn will improve his disposition. He’s convinced anyway.
Anyone care to watch a dishwasher cycle in action? I’ll start a waiting list to check out our new flic.



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