Every person determines their own speed

My one-speed Cruiser bike was definitely the way to go for my pedaling desires. I vividly remember years ago when it seemed like a good day to ride a bike to a breakfast meeting.
    There was absolutely no enjoying the fresh air and surroundings as I fought the gears and had a very exhausting ride. I blamed it on gear malfunction as this hadn’t been such an issue on other bikes.
    Upon arriving at my meeting, I expressed my frustration for the bike I never cared to ride again. One person said convincingly that I should try a Cruiser. She loved hers.
    Research found that the grandma wasn’t the only one who liked her bike. Even yuppies were buying them. That’s right. Yuppies, described as young people with well-paid jobs and fashionable lifestyles.
    I bought a blue one. Memories took me back to my first new green bike with a silver glittery banana seat and butterfly handlebars I got for my birthday. There were no hand brakes or gears. I pedaled forward to go and back to stop. It was my speed and my speed only.
    If I want to go faster, I pedal faster. If I wanted to go slower, I pedal slower. If I come to a hill, I buck it up and work harder.        
    Such is the case in so many life ventures. When someone is in rehabilitation, they receive direction and support from a therapist. But ultimately they will progress at their own speed.
    Learning to ride a bike is all up to the rider. When they’re ready, they suddenly take off. One might think winning a relay takes a team effort. It does, however an individual’s leg of the race depends solely on that one person’s speed, their speed.
    Learning to solve a math problem, pass a football, learn a dance routine, play the piano, bake a pie all take direction from teachers, coaches, friends, relatives or do-it-yourself (DYI) instructions. Although one might wonder why a person just doesn’t get it, they either will or they won’t. Only that one person will determine the result and the timeline.
    Make up your mind. Are you going to pedal forward or step backward? It’s up to you!


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