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Imperial FFA officers for 2019-20 include front from left Markenna Terryberry, Jordan Jablonski, Alexis Richmond, Matalie Wallin, Lindsey Mendenhall, Morayah Cupp, back from left, Morel Jurado, Ryan Bernhardt and Jesse Krausnick

Imperial FFA meets for end-of-year program

Imperial FFA members gathered with family and supporters for the end-of-year awards program Saturday.
Outgoing president Brooklyn Christensen gave her retiring address.
FFA members and supporters were given awards for their hard work throughout the year, said FFA Advisor Jason Speck.
Officers for 2020-21 are Alexis Richmond, president; Morayah Cupp, vice president; Jordan Jablonski, secretary; Lindsey Mendenhall, treasurer; Matalie Wallin, reporter; Ryan Bernhardt, Sentinel; Morel Jurado, Parliamentarian; Markenna Terryberry, historian and Jesse Krausnick, Chaplain.
Here are the awards presented at the program:
Scholarship Awards
Freshmen—Kade Anderson, Madelynn Hanes, Jaiden Hill, Colin O’Neil, Liz Reeves.
Sophomores—Ryan Bernhardt, Jordan Jablonski, Jesse Krausnick, Kendall Prior, Nickolas Rau, Markenna Terryberry, Morel Jurado, Matalie Wallin.
Juniors—Morayah Cupp, Kamrie Dillan, Kambree Meeske, Lindsey Mendenhall, Courtney Odens, Alexis Richmond.
Seniors—Austin Bernhardt, Brooklyn Christensen, Valerie Herbert, Carissa Hill, Taylor Jablonski, Jozie Schilke.
1st year high point award—Peyton Dubas.
2nd year high point award—Jordan Jablonski.
3rd year high point award—Morayah Cupp.
4th year high point award—Jozie Schilke.
8th grade high point winner—Walker Mollendor.
7th grade high point winner—Jasmine Johnson.
High point trip winners—Morayah Cupp, Jozie Schilke, Brooklyn Christensen, Taylor Jablonski, Austin Bernhardt, Peyton Dubas, Lindsey Mendenhall, Alexis Richmond, Jordan Jablonski, Valerie Herbert.
Discovery Degrees—Malachi Christensen, Kevin Dannatt, Jasmine Johnson, Westyn Mendenhall, Jason Nelson, Peyton Owens, Carson Terryberry.
Greenhands—Kade Anderson, Shelby Baird, Kayla Chavira, Peyton Dubas, Madelynn Hanes, Jaiden Hill, Brock Leibhart, Michael McBride, Krista Meeske, Colin O’Neil, Liz Reeves.
Chapter Degrees—Shelby Baird, Ryan Bernhardt, Jordan Jablonski, Morel Jurado, Jesse Krausnick, Kendall Prior, Markenna Terryberry, Matalie Wallin.
Honorary Degrees—Trent & Angela Herbert, Dirk & Rhonda Hill, Matt & Johna Jablonski, Nick & Michelle Schilke.
Sylvia Large Memorial Effort Award—Jesse Krausnick.
Loral Johnson Creed Speaking—Madelynn Hanes.
Dekalb Achievement Award—Brooklyn Christensen.
Eunice Speck Memorial Courage Award—Valerie Herbert.
Net Worth Award—Austin Bernhardt.
Judy Hartman Outstanding Senior Officer—Jozie Schilke.
Kathryn Cross Memorial Workhorse Award—Morayah Cupp.
Star Greenhand—Peyton Dubas.
Most Improved Greenhand—Kayla Chavira.
President—Alexis Richmond
Vice-President—Morayah Cupp
Secretary—Jordan Jablonski
Treasurer—Lindsey Mendenhall
Reporter—Matalie Wallin
Sentinel—Ryan Bernhardt
Parliamentarian—Morel Jurado
Historian—Markenna Terryberry
Chaptlain—Jesse Krausnick


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