Corn Board offers flex fuel infrastructure grants

    The Nebraska Corn Board is committed to expanding corn markets for farmers and offering motorists a greater selection of clean-burning, home-grown fuel options.
    The board allocated funds in its 2018-2019 fiscal year budget to help further develop the renewable fuel infrastructure in the state.
     Through this program, fuel retailers have access to funds up to $50,000 to be applied towards the installation of flex fuel pumps.
    Flex fuel pumps, also known as blender pumps, make it easier for retailers to offer higher blends of American Ethanol, which are locally produced, less expensive, cleaner burning and provide higher octane ratings to consumers.
    The grants can be used for the pump costs or other necessary equipment or hardware needed to offer higher blends of ethanol fuel.  
     Currently, E-15 (a 15 percent ethanol blend) can be used in flex fuel vehicles year-round and in vehicles 2001 and newer between Sept. 16 to May 31.
    Higher blends of ethanol, such as E-30 (up to 30 percent ethanol) or E-85 (up to 85 percent ethanol)  are approved for flex fuel vehicles only.
     “Over 240,000 Nebraskans drive flex fuel vehicles and more than 90 percent of vehicles on the road are 2001 models and newer,” said Tim Scheer, Nebraska Corn Board director and farmer from St. Paul.
    Grant dollars are available on a first come, first served basis. Once funding is exhausted, retailers will be placed on a waiting list and considered for future projects, should additional funding become available.
    Nebraska is the second largest ethanol producer in the country.


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