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Frank F. Beck - November 08, 2012

Frank F. Beck passed away on Oct. 13, 2012 in San Clemente, Calif. He was born in Odell, Neb. on April 3, 1926.
He was the son of Frank and Rose Beck, both of Odell.
He is survived by his brother, Bill, who resides in Atascadero, Calif., brother, Dan, who resides in Cayucos, Calif. and brother, Terry, who lives in Missouri.
Frank grew up in Odell on a farm with 10 other siblings, he being #4. His family later moved to Imperial where he attended Chase County High School graduating in 1943.
Frank left soon there after to join the U.S. Navy. His job was a radioman, the “Captains Talker.” He was sent to the North Pacific on a peace keeping mission. Frank remembers celebrating his 21st birthday drinking Schlitz beer with his Navy buddies.
Frank left the U.S. Navy at 21 to attend Loyola University in Los Angeles.
To earn a little extra money he delivered eggs for $.65/dozen (his take was $.30/dozen.) He graduated with a business degree and entered pilot training in Tucson, Ariz. as a 2nd Lieutenant. While there he flew T-6’s, F-80’s, T-33’s and F-102’s.
On June 10, 1950, Frank married Rosemary Beck. They resided in Upland, Calif. for many years.
After retirement, they moved to Rancho Mirage, Calif. while maintaining a condo in San Clemente, Calif. They very much enjoyed their view over-looking the Pacific Ocean.
Frank and Rosemary cele­brated 62 years of marriage and had seven children and 14 grandchildren. All are alive and doing well.
Until the day he died, Frank loved receiving The Imperial Republican. He read it cover to cover. He was a huge Cornhusker fan and traveled back to Nebraska whenever he had the chance, often bringing along several of his five sons.
Frank always had a strong affection for his beloved Nebraska and in particular Imper­ial. As a result, many of his children and grandchildren, though they were born and raised in California, will always have a special place in their heart for Nebraska.