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Beauty of fall colors tells a story PDF Print E-mail

By Lori Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

My grandson agreed to do a ventriloquist act for a children’s sermon in church when he was in town recently. I was waiting for a topic idea to spark so that I could write his script.
While visiting Lucille, a special friend at Sunrise Heights in Wauneta, it came time for the afternoon church service so I joined her.
The pastor focused on the fall colors, particularly the changing colors of the leaves. She shared a message that had been used at a women’s meeting, showing examples of beautiful leaves as she explained what the colors might depict.
AHA! There’s my children’s story idea. Afterwards I asked if I could use her idea and she handed over her notes as well as the leaves. There was a reason the timing worked for me to be at that service.
By the time Austin’s visit rolled around, some of the leaves had faded so we went out searching for some freshly-fallen ones. How refreshing to bring us in touch with Mother Nature. Suddenly I was seeing gorgeous colors in the trees that I blindly passed by in days prior.
My granddaughters held up the leaf colors as Austin and his buddy, Wil, told a story.
Green represents growth and change. As leaves change, the green ones might remind us of what has been and what will be again. Change is okay.
Red represents love. God loves us and wants us to love each other.
Orange is a great fall color. It represents warmth and thoughtfulness. We should strive to be that warm person who cares about others.
Yellow represents sunshine and the wonderful emotion of happiness.
Purple is an elegant color and can depict royalty. The Lord is King of the world.
What about brown? Brown within the colors helps the other hues look more brilliant. It represents stability.
No doubt about it, real beauty is enhanced when you combine all the colors. The multitude of colors can remind us of all the different types of people in our world. Different ages. Different sizes. Different personalities. We need to make an effort to find the beauty in each person.
Later that week, I heard from a teacher who listened to the message and wondered if we still had a leaf supply. We had already enriched our compost with those we had gathered but I assured her there were more where they came from.
So I gathered a box full for her. It seemed like the leaf story kept expanding. The next week, she returned with a turkey that her kindergartners had made. The leaves made for a beautiful tail on the pinecone body.
The festive turkey will bring more meaning to our Thanksgiving dinner table. Austin got a new dummy for his birthday this week and I’m anxious for him to use his ventriloquist talent to share more stories with us.
Happy Thanksgiving! Strive to appreciate the bright blessings in your life!


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