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Kansas approves 100 percent credit for 2014 augmentation pumping PDF Print E-mail

Kansas, Nebraska already working on agreement for 2015
By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Action taken by Kansas last week indicates the stalemate on water issues in the Republican River Basin that Kansas has with Nebraska and Colorado could be coming to an end.
During a meeting of the Republican River Compact Administration (RRCA) Oct. 22 in Denver, Kansas approved a resolution to give Nebraska 100 percent credit for augmentation pumping in 2014.
Kansas also approved a resolution to give Colorado 100 percent credit for augmentation pumping in 2015. Kansas had already agreed to give Colorado 100 percent credit for 2014 pumping.
In return, Nebraska agreed to store 14,100 acre-feet of surface irrigation water intended for Kansas in Harlan County Reservoir. This water can then be used by Kansas in 2015 or later.
Without the agreement, Nebraska would have released the water prior to the end of the year to ensure compact compliance with Kansas.
Upper Republican Natural Resources District (URNRD) Manager Jasper Fanning called last week’s agreement a “win-win” for both states.
Jim Schneider, deputy director of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, concurred.
“The resolution approved by the RRCA allows water now being held in Harlan County Reservoir to be released to Kansas during the 2015 irrigation season when it can be beneficially used, without compromising Nebraska’s ability to maintain compact compliance,” he said.
“The ability of the states to work together in resolving these issues is a significant step forward,” he added.
For Nebraska, the agreement means the state will get full credit toward compact compliance for 63,500 acre-feet of water pumped from the two augmentation projects.
Had the agreement not been approved, Nebraska would get credit for just 37,000 acre-feet of pumping.
The URNRD operates its own project in southwest Dundy County and is part of a five-NRD consortium operating a larger project in Lincoln County.
Fanning said Nebraska water engineers calculated the state needed to make up somewhere around 40,000 acre-feet of water this year to stay in compliance with Kansas.
With full credit for the 63,500 acre-feet, Fanning said Nebraska will easily be in compliance for 2014.
In addition, that leaves Nebraska with another 20,000 acre-feet or so to be used for figuring compliance in future years.
That becomes especially important because Schneider said it looks like 2015 will be another water-short year. During water-short years, compliance is figured over a two-year period versus a five-year period during normal years.
Schneider said the deal will benefit surface water users because rights to the water presently stored in the reservoirs have been turned back to the districts.
For the past two years, the state, which administers surface water, has declared a compact call on surface water.
This required surface water irrigation districts to pass all natural flows through their reservoirs beginning Jan. 1 and until the state took off the call. In 2014, the call was removed by July 1.
Schneider said they will release their preliminary forecast on compact call conditions Monday. If a compact call is forecast, he said the crediting agreement should lessen the effect on surface water irrigators.
New sense of cooperation
Fanning said getting the states around a table and working together is a benefit for water users in all three states.
The agreements represent a new sense of cooperation  and trust being developed between the states, he noted.
In a news release, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey agreed.
“I’m pleased with the agreements we’ve come to with our neighbors in Nebraska and Colorado.
“There is still work to be done to strengthen our relationships and to administer the compact together, but today’s agreements are very important steps towards a much better long-term situation,” McClaskey said.
She said Kansas worked hard with their neighbors in Nebraska and Colorado to develop common-sense proposals that protect Kansas’ rights under the compact while balancing certainty and flexibility for all three states.
“We are encouraged by these agreements and will continue to work with Nebraska and Colorado to resolve the Republican River issues that still separate us. This is what the water users of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado rightly expect of us,” McClaskey said.
Fanning said the RRCA will meet again in mid-November and expects Nebraska and Kansas to work out a similar agreement on augmentation pumping for 2015.
Colorado also pledged to work with Kansas to identify options to increase streamflow of the South Fork of the Republican at the state line, address accounting on the Bonny Reservoir release and give Kansas access to unallocated water in the South Fork.
Supreme Court arguments
Last week’s agreement comes on the heels of oral arguments by Kansas and Nebraska before the U.S. Supreme Court Oct. 14.
The arguments addressed a special water master’s recommendations that Kansas cannot have 300,000 acres of irrigated land in the Republican Basin permanently shut down, as requested; nor should Kansas get the $80 million in damages they requested for overpumping by Nebraska in 2005 and 2006.
Instead the special master said Nebraska only had to pay a penalty of $5.5 million.
A final decision by the Supreme Court on the special master’s recommendations is expected before the end of June.

Imperial FFA teams, national officer candidate at convention PDF Print E-mail

By Jeremy Vlasin
FFA Advisor

Imperial is being represented in a variety of different ways on the national stage at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky. this week.
The Market Plan Team is competing, comprised of Cassie Burpo, Darin Knobbe and Taylor Wilson. The market plan competition requires a team to take a locally owned business and write a plan to add value to that business. They have to write a six to seven page plan highlighting the industry trends, business proposition, a budget and various other details.
The second component of the competition involves the team having 15 minutes to present the plan. Following the plan they must ask any clarification questions the judges have about their plan.
Imperial also has a Parliamentary Procedure team competing. Team members include Blair Hartman, Anna Bauerle, MaKenna Ketter, Jessica Hartman, Mindy Castle and Travis Luhrs. There are several different components of the Parliamentary Procedure competition.
Members will have to take a test on their knowledge of parliamentary procedure. Along with a test they will be given 30 minutes to find five citations in the book Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition.
The competition also involves a team demonstration where each member has to correctly move two motions and debate four times. Following the demonstration, each member must answer an oral question on parliamentary procedure. If the team advances into the semi-final and final rounds they will also have to complete a team scenario.
At national convention only teams that have won their state are eligible to compete unless the state champion team cannot; then the runner-up from that state can compete.
The other unique aspect of competing at nationals is that teams are not split up by school size.
“This means we will be competing against many teams that come from schools with a student body over 2,000,” said Advisor Jeremy Vlasin.
Imperial FFA will also be represented in a way that it never has been before at the National FFA Convention.
Spencer Hartman, former Imperial FFA member and past Nebraska State FFA President, is running for national office. Only six candidates are selected to serve as a national officer.
The interviewing process started at the beginning of this week. If selected, Hartman will travel around the United States facilitating workshops and inspiring FFA members.
The American FFA Degree is the highest degree that an FFA member can earn. This year the Imperial FFA chapter will have five members being awarded the American FFA Degree—Spencer Hartman, Justin German, Callin Ledall, Jenna Schilke and Jordan Gibb.
Students who earn their American Degree must have earned their Greenhand, Chapter, and State Degrees, productively earn or invest $10,000 into their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), and compile 50 community service hours.
Imperial also will have 10 delegates taking the FFA Organization on its highest level. Students will hear motivational speakers, attend leadership workshops, tour landmarks like Churchhill Downs and the Lousiville Slugger Museum, as well as have an opportunity to watch their fellow chapter members represent the State of Nebraska in their competitions.
Members attending as delegates this year are Shaylee Dorn, Molly Luhrs, Shaylee Heathers, Brady Gittlein, Brandon Chavira, Emma Ferguson, Kayla Schilke, Trace Helser, Lauren Prior and Jade Allen.

Chamber’s Popcorn Days continuing this week PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Activities for the Chamber of Commerce Popcorn Days are continuing this week.
Michelle Spady won the “Sound Corny?”  baby picture ID contest. It was a challenging contest, as no one had all 22 matches correct. Spady matched 20 of 22 correctly to beat out seven other contestants. The correct matchups are listed with this story.
Staff at Mid-Plains Community College in Imperial awarded Spady $50 in Chamber Bucks Monday for winning the contest.
Each day this week on the morning KADL Call radio show, people are invited to answer a series of popcorn-related questions. KADL staff will take a maximum of five calls per question, with $10 in Chamber Bucks given to the caller with the correct answer or closest to it.
On Friday, more than 20 Chamber businesses are providing free popcorn to their customers.
Also this Friday, which is Halloween, businesses downtown and in the outlying business areas will be treating the trick-or-treaters after school.
Also trick-or-treaters on Friday are being invited to the Manor and Parkview/Heights and the Sunset Housing complex at 320 West 10th St.
First Bank & Trust at 348 Broadway is also hosting a Popcorn Days Contest of its own. People are invited in to guess the number of kernels on ears of corns. First place prize is tickets to the Nebraska-Minnesota football game with second place $50 in cash.

‘Sound Corny?’ matchups
A. Dillon Harchelroad—Harchelroad Motors
B. Linda Green—Prior’s New Generation Fabrics
C. Doug Ohlson—Frenchman Valley Coop
D. Mary Ann Ellis—Imperial Manor, Parkview/Heights
E. Dave Fulton—First Bank & Trust Co.
F. Josh Sexton—Pinnacle Bank
G. Marcy Nesbitt—M & M’s Natural JAZ
H. Nick Schultz—Schultz Construction
I. Matt Vlasin—Beverage Barn
J. Jo Leyland—City of Imperial
K. Linda Nelson—Chase Co. Comm. Hospital
L. Josh Fries—Farm Credit Services of America
M. Carla Colton—Mid-Plains Community College
N. Randy Roesener—Imperial NAPA
O. Lori Pankonin—The Imperial Republican
P. Desiree Barrett—Imperial Super Foods
Q. Aaron Troxell—Troxell’s Heating & Appliance
R. Chad Leibbrandt—Adams Lumber Co.
S. Rick Elliott—Prairie States Communications
T. Lisa Denny—Adams Bank & Trust
U. Joel Gockley—AgWest Commodities
V. Merrilyn Leibbrandt—Fine Things Jewelry & Gifts

Mathews Chiropractic moves PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Jason Mathews of Mathews Family Chiropractic has settled into his new office at 126 West 6th St. in Imperial. The remodeled building features a roomy waiting room and reception area and four treatment rooms. Dr. Mathews, who also has an office in Benkelman, and receptionist Shawna Rusher, above, are available at the Imperial office Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Tuesday from 2 to 5 p.m. and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1-5 p.m. (Republican photo)

‘Back Yard Beautiful’ workshop coming up PDF Print E-mail

Now is the best time to plan for a beautiful back yard in 2015.
The Extension services will hold an interactive two-hour workshop to discuss current problems that local communities face in their windbreaks, gardens and lawns.
Learn about preventive measures and techniques that can potentially reduce back yard problems in the future and create more effective and time-efficient in-season back yard management.
The “Back Yard Beautiful” workshop is sponsored by the local UNL Extension offices and will be held on Nov. 18 and 19 at four different locations in the Southwest Nebraska region:
Tuesday, Nov. 18—Hastings Memorial Library in Grant from 9 to 11 a.m.
Tuesday, Nov. 18—Lied Imperial Public Library in Imperial from 2 to 4 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 19—Dundy County Fairgrounds building in Benkelman from 9 to 1 a.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 19—TCDC building in Trenton from 2 to 4 p.m. (CT).
The workshop will feature 15-20 minute presentations by UNL personnel, which will be followed by Q&A/discussion session.
Rachel Allison, Southwest District Forester, will teach about selecting the best tree for your specific needs and also how to determine, prevent and manage biotic (pathogens, insects) and abiotic (drought, frost) stresses in trees.
David Lott, UNL Horticulture Extension Educator, will talk about winterizing landscapes, which is a new concept that integrates landscape designs and garden practices such as tree pruning, sanitation for disease and insect control, mulch management, etc.
Strahinja Stepanovic, UNL Extension Educator, will present the underpinning mechanisms for successful weed management in lawns, and propose a range of tactics (including chemical applications) that can be integrated to control weeds in lawns.
Attendees are encouraged to participate in discussions by bringing pictures or samples of diseased or insect damaged plants or weeds. Participants are also encouraged to bring questions about any other problem they are experiencing in their back yards.
No registration or registration fee is required. Refreshments will be provided.
For questions, contact the Perkins County Extension Office at 308-352-7580.


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