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Sheriff asks: Do you recognize this hat? PDF Print E-mail

By Tina Kitt
The Wauneta Breeze

Last week Chase County Sheriff Tim Sutherland announced he was seeking help in trying to identify the man that broke into a home in southwest Wauneta in the early morning hours of Monday, July 20.
The intruder gained access to the home through an unlocked bedroom window. A teenage girl awoke to find him in her bedroom. She was able to escape from him and seek help from her father, sleeping in another room.
The intruder escaped through the same window he had entered, but left some personal items behind, including a cap.
Posters have been distributed across the area showing color photos of the canvas hat with bright yellow lettering which reads Martin Tractor Company on the front and CAT on the back.
The sheriff said he is seeking the public’s help in trying to connect a person to this hat. Anyone who might recognize this hat or who can identify a possible owner is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 394-5262 or 882-4748.
Color photos of this hat can be viewed online at the Breeze Web site at


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