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State senator plans interim hearings on NRD restructuring PDF Print E-mail

State Sen. Beau McCoy of Omaha introduced interim study resolution LR 181 in the 2009 legislative session that will examine the feasibility and benefits of restructuring Nebraska’ natural resources districts (NRDs).
LR 181 hearings have not yet been set, according to a spokesperson in McCoy’s office, but he hopes one will be included in the western part of the state, the spokesperson said.
The Unicameral’s natural resources committee, of which McCoy is a member, will set the hearing schedule.
It is McCoy’s desire for more then one hearing, including one in the west, she said.
According to a release from McCoy’s office, “The purpose for this study is primarily derived from the response of Legislative District 39 constituents (who he represents) to a bill passed this session, LB 160, which provided greater resources to the Papio-Missouri NRD for flood control projects.”
Originally opposed to LB 160, the release states McCoy worked with his fellow natural resource committee members to amend the bill, providing five safeguards to NRD’s ability to bond, “ensuring a check on government power.”
McCoy said he shares many of the same concerns with his constituents.
He said it is his policy to evaluate all political subdivisions that levy property taxes or exercise eminent domain powers.
“My concerns are not unique to NRDs,” his release states.
McCoy said the intent of the interim study is to provide an open forum for state senators, NRDs, natural resource experts and all Nebraskans to ask important questions and seek answer.
“The management of Nebraska’s natural resources is exceedingly important to the economic development and quality of life in the state,” McCoy said.