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Imperial Valley Holiness Camp starts July 23 PDF Print E-mail

The 98th consecutive annual interdenominational family camp meeting of the Imperial Valley Holiness Association gets underway July 23 at the camp site, located on Highway 6, three and a half miles east of Imperial.
The meetings run from Thursday, July 23, to Monday, Aug. 3.
The first service begins July 23,at 7 p.m. The weekday schedule begins at 7:20 a.m. with the flag raising, followed by the prayer meeting at 8:30 a.m., the morning service at 10:30 a.m.
The afternoon starts off with the adult Bible study, youth evangelistic hour and the children’s meeting, all at 1:30 p.m., with the harmony hour at 6 p.m. followed by the evening service at 7 p.m., ending with the afterglow at 9 p.m.
Sunday’s schedule includes the flag raising at 7:20 p.m., prayer meeting at 8:30 a.m., Sunday school with classes for all ages at 9:30 a.m. and worship service at 10:30 p.m.
The afternoon service and children’s service both begin at 2 p.m. followed by the harmony hour at 6 p.m. and evening service at 7 p.m.
The Missionary Day schedule is Thursday, July 30. Special services will be provided by missionaries from World Gospel Mission at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Serving at this year’s camp are Pat Burkhalter-Evangelist, Raymond and Miriam Hegwood-Children’s Ministry, Calvin and Virginia Oyler-Song Evangelists and Gary and Laura Griffin-Missionaries.
Pat Burkhalter, Evangelist
Pat Burkhalter enrolled in Southern Nazarene University in January 1977. Following graduation in May 1979, he entered full-time evangelism after sensing God’s definite guidance into this ministry he loves. Across the years God has proven Himself faithful time and time again.
In 1983 he received the Master of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary. He currently holds tenured status as an evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene.
A great preacher of the past once said, “To know God’s will is man’s greatest knowledge and to do God’s will is life’s greatest accomplishment.” Pat thanks the Lord for calling him and allowing him the privilege to serve in His Kingdom.
Raymond and Miriam Hegwood,
Children’s Ministry

Raymond and Miriam Hegwood are returning once again as Children’s Workers.
Miriam started her ministry with children by first directing VBS in 1999 at her local church and since has directed for a total of nine years.
In 2003, during a hard time in their lives, Raymond felt “called into children’s ministry.” Since that time, they have worked together as leaders for children’s church, head up the Pre-school department on Wednesday night at their local church and have served as children’s workers for five previous years at the IVHA.
Theme chosen for this year is “Sharing God with Others.” The children will take part in Discipleship Junction, which has a strong missionary theme.
Calvin and Virginia Oyler,
Song Evangelists
The Oylers who reside in Olathe, Kan., have pastored for 15 years, taught at Vennard College two years, evangelistic work for 35 years, Kansas City Rescue Mission 28 years, Lahisa Prison Choir for 11 years. Their travels have taken them into 49 of the 50 states, South American Guyano Crusade, Tel Aviv, Israel Community Christian Fellowship. They have worked in many Nazarene and interdenominational camps.
Gary and Laura Griffin,

Gary and Laura Griffin join as missionaries.
Gary graduated in pastoral ministries from Vennard College in May 2009. Laura has an AA in nursing and a BA in multi-disciplinary studies from Vennard College. They have been to Hungary and Honduras on work teams with World Gospel Mission.
Gary was raised in a good family who attended church every Sunday but did not follow God for most of his life. In November 2002 at the age of 42, he gave his life to Christ. The following July at a church camp, God sanctified his heart. The next year at church camp he and his wife received a call to full-time service. God led them to Vennard College to prepare for service and in 2007 called them to Honduras.    
Laura grew up in a small town in north central Ohio. She accepted Jesus as her savior at the age of 28 while at a Christian concert.
Over the next several years, her walk with Jesus was up and down. To the point of giving up, God lovingly drew her back to Himself and she rededicated her life to him. Now her heart’s desire is to serve Jesus every day and to share with others the Savior who can radically transform lives.


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