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Perkins County Sheriff’s office pursues lead in counterfeiting PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Goff
The Grant Tribune-Sentinel
    The Perkins County Sheriff’s Office is following up on a lead concerning recent circulation of counterfeit money in the county which took place during the first half of November.
    According to Perkins County Sheriff Jim Brueggeman, the lead surfaced with a recent arrest in Colorado.
    Brueggeman said his office was contacted by the Colorado State Patrol on Nov. 26 with information on the arrest of an individual in Morgan County, Colo.  The person arrested is being investigated by the Colorado State Patrol for alleged use of an altered document and alleged possession of methamphetamine. Counterfeit currency and counterfeit checks were also found in the vehicle, said Sheriff Brueggeman.
    He said his office is coordinating efforts and exchanging information with the Colorado State Patrol to determine whether the suspect is the same person who passed or attempted to pass counterfeit bills in Perkins County.
    Brueggeman said his office will continue to investigate whether there is any connection between the counterfeit bills discovered in Perkins County and the counterfeit items recovered in the person’s vehicle. The subject was once a resident of Perkins County, he said.    
    “It’s a good lead to follow up on,” said Brueggeman.

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