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Here’s the opportunity to provide your input PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican
Tonight (Thursday), you, as a patron of the Chase County School district, will get the opportunity to learn more about a proposal to add an auxiliary gym, wrestling room and classrooms to the present structure.
Superintendent Joey Lefdal will lead the presentation and share ideas the school board has been mulling over for a number of months.
He also plans to address several other issues, such as adopting a  middle school approach for grades 5-8 and updating patrons on the school’s progress for meeting standards of the No Child Left Behind federal program for education.
Most importantly, he’s looking to you for your input on these issues.
If you have strong feelings about these topics, this is your opportunity—first, to attend; second to listen; and then to share your ideas and opinions.
Over the years in this business, I’ve heard my fair share of people complain about what was going on with their school, their church, their city, their county, etc.
All too often, these same people have not done their homework to actually find out what was truly going on. Instead, they take for fact what they may have heard at the coffee shop or from other various gossip circles where fabrication and speculation always trump the facts.
This time, the responsibility’s on you. Here’s your opportunity to help shape the direction for our school. Attend the meeting. Get the facts. Share your input. Become part of the solution.