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Mayors battle at charity stripe for good cause PDF Print E-mail

Mayors from Imperial and Grant had a friendly battle last Thursday during the annual Pink Out basketball games played in Grant. The two mayors each shot 12 free throws, with the best shooter able to earmark donations from each mayor for his community’s cancer fund. Above, Imperial Mayor Dwight Coleman shows his concentration during a shot, then his disbelief at the miss during his round of shooting. Grant Mayor Mike Wyatt hit the most free throws, but both men graciously donated $50 to the Perkins County cancer fund. Looking on at far right is Grant Mayor Wyatt as Mayor Coleman pays up. Collecting the money were FFA chapter presidents, Taylor Wilson from Imperial, far left, and Emily Kemling of the Perkins County chapter. The two FFA organizations coordinate the Pink Out fundraiser each year. Early estimates show the Chase County Hospital cancer fund will receive nearly $5,000 from the local donations. (Johnson Publications photos)


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