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NSAA board not representing its membership PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor
Political correctness was front and center last week, as the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) board of directors adopted a policy on the participation by transgender students in high school athletics.
Despite the fact four of six NSAA districts, in separate meetings this month, voted to use students’ gender listed on their birth certificates for participation, the eight-member board decided to take another route. The NSAA board’s 6-2 vote last Thursday on a policy establishing transgender student participation came just one day after five of the six district meetings were held. Not much time to weigh what the districts were saying.
It’s important to note that the two groups were voting on different measures. The districts were voting yes or no on a bylaw using the birth certificate for gender determination. The board in Lincoln voted on a policy providing a pathway to athletic participation by transgender students, incorporating several steps that have to be taken first by the student and/or parents.
Chase County Schools is in District V, and its representative to the NSAA board, Alan Garey of Curtis, voted with the majority in Lincoln, indicating he felt a policy dealing with transgender student participation needed to be in place. However, he couldn’t answer how many transgender students who want to play sports are in Nebraska.
It makes one wonder what the role of the NSAA board is. Is it to listen to its membership or set its own agendas?
When are officials who claim to represent us going to act in the interest of the majority instead of those who threaten with lawsuits? It makes one question whether it matters anymore how the majority feels (and votes) on issues that are so deep-felt like this one is, or if political correctness and fear of lawsuits is more important.


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