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Luhrs appointed to council seat PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Lynn Luhrs is joining the Imperial city council as its newest member.
At a special meeting Friday morning, Mayor Annie Longan’s appointment of Luhrs was approved by the other three council members, Sue Moore, Chad Yaw and Doug Gaswick.
Luhrs will replace Dustin Weiss on the council. Weiss resigned his seat in early June after he and his family moved out of the city limits.
The new council member will finish Weiss’ term, which runs until December, 2010.
Luhrs was one of three applicants for the open seat, said Mayor Longan.
Luhrs said she applied for the open seat because she was anxious for the opportunity to serve the city.
She’s not unfamiliar with city operations. She worked in the city offices from 1997-2004, initially as a billing clerk. She was appointed Deputy City Clerk in 1998.
The family had previously lived in Enders, but moved into town about a year ago.     
She and husband, Tom, have two children, Travis and Molly.
Following the council’s approval of the appointment, Luhrs took the oath of office.
Challenge made to council’s compliance
with state’s Open Meetings Act

Brian Carman of Imperial, who was in attendance at Friday morning’s meeting, said after the meeting adjourned the mayor failed to inform the public during the meeting of the Open Meetings Act posted on the council room’s wall.
State law reads, “At the beginning of the meeting, the public shall be informed about the location of the posted (Open Meetings Act) information.”
A copy of the Open Meetings Act must be posted in the meeting room at an accessible location. There is such a copy on the council chambers’ north wall.
City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland checked with City Attorney Phil Pierce on the matter this week after learning of Carman’s concerns.
She said Tuesday that, after their consultation, that the council will most likely vote on the appointment once again, and Luhrs will take the oath of office a second time at the council’s next regular meeting on July 13.  
Carman was among the applicants for the vacant council seat.
In a letter to the editor this week, Carman is also questioning whether the correct procedure was used when the  council appointment was tabled at the council’s June 22 meeting.