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Moose sighted in Lincoln County; hunters urged to use caution PDF Print E-mail

With moose being reported in the Panhandle this year and a confirmed sighting of a young bull in Lincoln County last week, the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission is urging hunters to be certain of their target before taking a shot.
That’s especially important with firearm deer season opening this weekend. Moose can be similar in appearance to other big game animals.
However, moose are large animals with a “bell” or large piece of skin under their necks; they have a pronounced shoulder hump and bulls (males) will have palmated antlers. Moose also have long, whitish-colored legs and are dark brown in color.
Game & Parks officials say hunters will want to study game closely before firing a shot or releasing an arrow.
Game & Parks’ officials also remind people to keep their distance from any moose they may encounter as some have been known to be aggressive.


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