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Massachusetts man locates Chase County site to explore PDF Print E-mail

Robert Golka hasn’t given up on finding proof of 1884 ‘heavenly body’

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

His searching has moved a little further north into western Chase County.
That’s where Robert Golka of Brockton, Mass., hopes he’ll find what he’s been searching for—proof that a “heavenly body” (some call them UFOs) landed in this area in 1884.
Since 2007, after reading the 1884 news articles of a “heavenly body” hurling from the sky to the ground and witnessed by several cowboys, Golka has spent a lot of time and money on his research in this area.
Originally, he was looking at areas in Dundy County, but now his search has moved north in Chase County, and he feels pretty good about this latest possibility.
On Monday, he said it’s the best yet.
“I can’t say for 100 percent, but this is the best place I’ve seen so far. It looks real good,” Golka said Monday.
He arrived in Imperial last Friday, ready to explore, and as of Monday, had driven the 18 miles or so west of Imperial and back three times.
He was hoping to get permission from landowner Ernest “Gunner” Martin to look at it more closely. He planned to call him Monday.
The reason he feels so good about this site being the real one is that it has a sandy bottom, a lot of drainage and hills surrounding it. He estimates the hills to be about 30 feet above the lowest point.
“It seems to have all the attributes I’m looking for,” he said.
According to the news reports on the 1884 landing, the heat from the object was so intense that grass was scorched along its path after hitting the ground.
It was described as “50 to 60 feet long, cylindrical and about 10 feet in diameter.”
If the object did hit the ground with the amount of heat described in some of the old news stories, Golka said the sand would have fused into pieces of what appear to be “blueish, greenish or black glass.”    
It would have left a deep indentation in the ground, Golka said.
Finding some of the fused sand that now would look like the colored glass is his goal.
He’s had several people tell them they recall seeing such pieces from their ancestors, but so far, Golka said none of it is the real thing.
He needs such physical proof to get the scientific community interested. He believes the find could have nuclear characteristics if, in fact, it landed as described.
Golka, a semi-retired consultant in high energy physics and lightning analysis, says there is a lot about our universe we do not know,
“We probably know only about five percent of what’s out there,” he said.
That’s why he doesn’t shy away from finding out as much as he can on the subject. He recently spent five weeks in Australia working on quantum physics.
He was also in Las Vegas last month at a convention of the International Remote Viewing Association. Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a “viewer”) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time or shielding.
He’s hoping to possibly utilize some “remote viewing” experts with his search in Chase County.
This year, he rented a Hummer to drive here after his flight from Massachusetts. He wanted a vehicle that would easily climb the hills, and said it’s worked real well in his investigating.


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