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Damage minimal here in last week’s storms PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    Unlike Chase County’s neighbors to the north and west, damage was minimal here in a pair of storms last week.
    A check with three insurance firms in town indicated most of the damage in Chase County came from the June 15 storm that included jagged pieces of hail, some as large as golf balls.
    Most of the damage was to vehicles and roofs, and “it was spotty,” said Sharon Clark at McNair Agency.
    “Yes, we had some damage, but not like what it could’ve been,” Clark said.
    Jayne Henry at Service Insurance said they have had hardly any calls. Those they did have were limited to some vehicles “dinged” by hail and a few roofs.
    Farm Bureau fielded about 11 to 12 calls last week, most from the June 15 storms, said office manager Roxane Miller. They were all for hail-damaged vehicles or requests to check for roof damage, she said.
    While Chase County had some moisture and storm warnings last Thursday, the storm’s path missed most of this area, but pounded parts of Phillips County in Colorado and Perkins County in Nebraska.
Phillips County loses 27% of wheat
    According to this week’s issue of The Holyoke Enterprise, last Thursday’s storm damaged about 63,000 acres of wheat in Phillips County, Colo., 3,000 of that at 100%.
    That amounted to about 27% of the county’s wheat crop.
    About 2,000 acres of corn was also completely destroyed, with another 20,500 acres damaged.
    Some dwellings and buildings also sustained damage.
    Most of the damage was in the northern part of Phillips County.