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Hendricks Cattle Co. continues streak as Ranch Rodeo winners PDF Print E-mail

Hendricks Cattle Co. returned to the Chase County Fair Aug. 11 and, once again, went home as champions of the Ranch Rodeo.
Team members Taylor Hndricks, CJ Pankonin, Sage Haythorn and Darren Sellers were first in Stray Gathering and second in Doctoring/Yoking, finishing with a combined time of 2:33.
Placing second was The Golden Boys. The team was made up of Tim Krab, Jarrod Eakins, Trey White and Levi Fisher. Their combined time was 3:22.
Kucera Ranch placed third, finishing with a time of 3:49. Team members were Ryan and Sara Kucera and Chase and Jamie Nichols.
Doctoring and yoking started out with two steers in the arena. One had to be headed, heeled and stretched tight. After the rope on the head was moved to the front two feet, the steer was marked and the ropes removed. Then the second steer was headed and tied to a post in the middle of the arena by its horns.
For stray gathering, both steers in the arena had to be headed and heeled, then tied down by three legs.


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