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Many blessings contribute to pioneer family’s recognition as fair parade Grand Marshals PDF Print E-mail

“Shinin’ on Me” is the theme of the 2015 Chase County Fair parade, which will be held Saturday, Aug. 15.
The Carol and Jack Maddux family will serve as Grand Marshals. The Madduxes expressed their appreciation for the honor and point to many blessings they have received throughout their lives as testament to the theme.
The Maddux family was chosen as Grand Marshals by the Imperial Chamber’s parade committee. According to committee member Jana Pribbeno, the Madduxes were chosen because, “They are humble, simple people who have been shone on by successes in Chase County.”
Jack Maddux’s family first arrived in Chase County in 1886 when his grandparents, Taylor and Clara Maddux, homesteaded 11 miles north of Wauneta. Clara and two children, Earl and Daisy, lived and proved up the homestead full time.
Taylor spent their first few years running a livery stable in McCook and returning to the homestead on the weekends. He rode his trusty horse, “Skank,” back and forth between McCook and Wauneta.
In the 1890s Taylor moved permanently to the family homestead north of Wauneta. By then the family included four more children, Helen, Glen, Wilfred and Cecil.
The Madduxes’ ties to the Chase County Fair go back to the early 1900s, as well. In the 1890s there was a horse race at the Chase County Fair where Taylor’s racehorse, “Lucky Baldwin” came in second to “Fanny D,” owned by Dan Davis. The race was later reenacted during the 1960 Diamond Jubilee Pageant at the Fair.
Carol (Smith) Maddux’s family also has longtime ties to the Chase County Fair. Her father, Dr. Fay Smith, announced the afternoon grandstand events from the late 1930s until 1957 when Bill McNair took over the job.
Highly regarded in industry
The Maddux name is synonymous with the cattle business in this area and beyond. Jack has been involved with state and national cattle organizations throughout the years and has received many recognitions for his work.
He also has been active in Nebraska water legislation and range management. Jack has served as the Mayor of Wauneta and was Boy Scout Master for years.
Carol has been active in many local and statewide organizations including the Nebraska Cow-Belles, State Historical Society Foundation, Chase County Historical Society, Nebraska Humanities Council and Nebraska Community Foundation. She has also served as president of the Wauneta United Methodist Women for many years.
History of Maddux
Cattle Company
The history of the Maddux Family Operation spans 129 years in Chase County. Carol simply describes their tenure by saying, “We’ve been blessed.”
Taylor and Clara Maddux first expanded their holdings in the 1890s when there was a drought and many homesteaders panicked and moved away. Taylor traded a pair of spurs and two bronc horses for a parcel of land adjoining their homestead.
Glen (Jack’s father) took over the Maddux homestead when Taylor died in 1916. Glen and his brother, Wilfred, formed Maddux Brothers Co. in the late 1900s. Wilfred died in 1945 and Glen continued to run his share of the operation.
Jack graduated from Wauneta High School and earned a degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University in 1953. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a jet instructor, returning home in 1956. Following his father’s death in 1958, Jack took over management of the operation.
Carol graduated from Chase County High School in Imperial and went on to earn a degree in Home Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1958.
Jack and Carol were married in December 1958. Their union was blessed with three children—John, Sandra and Mary.
From very early in their marriage Carol was deeply involved in the cattle operation when she and her mother-in-


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