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Brogies bring years of science enthusiasm to SCORE PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

Mark and Ellen Brogie of Creighton have been welcoming and familiar faces at the SCORE (Science Camps Offer Rewarding Experiences) in Chase County for many years.
As a matter of fact, Mark has presented classes on physics, biology and chemistry all 27 years, while Ellen isn’t far behind.
They are both science teachers in the Creighton Community Schools, each teaching over 30 years.
Mark is a master teacher who has received the Presidential Award for Excellence and authored 50 articles dealing with Nebraska birds. He is also the Nebraska Ornithologist’s Union Rare Birds Records committee chairman.
He began early, keeping a journal of bird sightings from the early 80s. Mark has identified many species in all 93 Nebraska counties.
Ellen, who is a middle school science teacher, also began journaling before the couple was married, not only of birds, but of counties visited within the U.S.
The couple’s goal is to “try to visit every county in the U.S.,” Mark said. So far, they’ve been to 3,500 since they were married.
While Ellen enjoys quilting, Mark is now busy cataloguing the moths of Nebraska, finding several dandy examples at SCORE this summer.
They spend their summers not only traveling and visiting children Ben and Ann, but teaching at SCORE.
This year their topics included “Birds of Nebraska,” “Plant Chemistry,” “What’s in Your Blood,” “Birds and Their Beaks,” and “Plants, Yummy.”
In addition, Ellen has been Grade 5-6 Camp Director for years.
Director Marla Smith calls them great ambassadors for SCORE.
They enjoy the “overall enthusiasm of the Imperial and Champion communities for SCORE,” Mark said, “how they make us feel a welcome part of the community.”
He added, “How can you top Marla Smith for enthusiasm of science?”


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