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Pickup jumps curb at Wauneta business PDF Print E-mail

By Sheri Hink-Wagner
The Wauneta Breeze

The lunch crowd at Wauneta Crossroads had quite the surprise on Wednesday, May 20, when a pickup jumped the curb and struck the exterior wall of the building during the lunch rush. Luckily no one, including the driver, was hurt during the accident.
Bill Larrabee of Lamar was in the process of parking his 2013 Dodge pickup in the front line at Wauneta Crossroads when his foot slipped off the brake pedal and hit the gas pedal, according to Chase County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Mueller. Mueller suspected the wet conditions that day may have contributed to the accident.
Mueller said damages to the pickup were estimated at $5,000. According to Wauneta Crossroads Manager Angie West, repair costs for the Wauneta Crossroads building will run approximately $5,448, which includes temporary and permanent repair work.
West said the siding currently on the south side of the Crossroads building is no longer available, thus requiring the entire south side to be refaced.
“We are just thankful that no one was hurt,” said West.  
Damages inside the building were very minimal, West said. She said a product display and pop were moved in the accident. Luckily, the pickup struck the building in between booths that line the interior wall of the building.
Deputy Mueller said no citations were issued in the accident.


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