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Barry ‘Boom Boom’ Johnson entertains bullriding crowd PDF Print E-mail

Former Lamar resident, Barry Johnson, now of North Platte, returned to Imperial Saturday night as the barrel man at Saturday’s bullriding challenge. On several occasions, “Boom Boom” showed why he carries the nickname, exploding a number of “booms’ during his acts. Above, Johnson wins a $100 bet with the announcer by balancing this bottle on a bat as he moves it between his legs. The joke was on the announcer when Johnson turned the bat upside down and the bottle was still stuck to the bat. Standing beside his trademark car, Johnson pleads to the announcer that someone has stolen his engine. Actually, the little engine is in the rear of the car. Left, Johnson shares a lighter moment with fair board member Kenny Smith of Wauneta. Johnson said Smith gave him his start as a rodeo clown at one of Smith’s rodeos 40 years ago next month. (Republican photos)



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