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Imperial edged at first meet in new pool PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    If the final scores are any proof, Imperial and Benkelman swimmers competed hard Saturday, finishing the day with a difference of only four points between them.
    Benkelman edged the home town team in the end, however, as Imperial hosted its first swim meet in the new pool on East 9th Street.
    Although parts of the morning were rainy and cool, Swim Team Coach Michelle Wilson said she didn’t have to delay the meet for those reasons. It did start about half an hour late as the teams waited on Indianola, she said.
    Wilson said they ran into no problems as Imperial hosted its first meet at the new facility.
    “Everything worked well,” she said.
    Thirty-seven of Imperial’s 40 swim team members took part in Saturday’s meet.  
    Team scoring was Benkelman 413, Imperial 409, Indianola 193, Grant 147 and Wauneta 69.
    This Saturday, the swimmers will be in Grant for their meet, starting at 7:30 a.m. with warm-ups, followed by the meet at 8 a.m.
    Here are results from Saturday’s meet in Imperial.

8 and under girls
Mallie McNair—2nd breast 37.21.
Kambree Meeske—5th free 42.44.
8 and under boys
Kobe Clevenger—1st free 30.03.
Kalen Wallin—1st  breast 38.30.
Landis Beverly—2nd back 44.53, 2nd breast 41.04, 4th free 33.99.
Taylor Jablonski—1st fly 44.55, 3rd free 32.37.
9-10 girls
Kristina Pflum—2nd breast 27.24, 4th free 21.65.
Kelly Christensen—5th breast 28.21.
Alexis Jensen—2nd back 25.25, 4th breast 29.31, 2nd free 20.67.
Megan Engbrecht—3rd back 27.51, 6th free 21.83.
Taylin McNair—1st breast 26.14, 1st free 19.57, 1st IM 51.71.
Kaylee Meeske—5th breast 30.19, 5th free 21.40.
9-10 boys
Dakota Wallin—1st fly 22.42, 2nd free 19.67, 1st IM 54.51.
Jace Clevenger—3rd back 33.30, 3rd breast 42.16.
Will Kuenne—4th back 38.27.
Cain Haarberg—3rd fly 31.86, 1st breast 29.92, 6th free 24.19, 2nd IM 1:10.53
Blake Schilke—5th back 48.87.
11-12 girls
Charlie Ann Carter—4th fly 59.63, 5th breast 1:05.75.
Janessa Haarberg—1st long free 1:33.66, 3rd fly 55.00, 4th breast 54.24, 1st free 39.90.
Makenna Wallin—1st fly 49.14, 2nd back 50.70, 2nd IM 1:49.48.
Aubrey Fisher—3rd breast 51.91, 4th free 44.23, 3rd IM 1:56.45.
11-12 boys
Eli Engbrecht—1st long free 1:51.41, 2nd fly 117.63, 1st free 47.34.
13-14 girls
Sabrina Hayes—4th 200 free 3:55.02, 5th long free 1:52.30, 4th breast 1:06.70.
Alyssa Fisher—1st back 45.69, 4th free 38.81, 2nd IM 1:48.60.
13-14 boys
Kevin German—4th back 55.53, 3rd breast 58.75, 5th free 47.45.
Justus Wallin—2nd fly 44.17, 3rd back 51.50, 6th free 55.45.
Justin German—1st fly 38.53, 1st free 36.20, 1st breast 43.49.
Ethan Haarberg—2nd back 49.20, 4th breast 1:00.38, 2nd IM 1:55.44, 3rd free 44.35.
Garret Thompson—2nd breast 44.55, 4th free 45.08, 1st IM 1:46.85.
15-18 girls
Hannah Harmon—2nd back 48.59, 2nd IM 1:50.85, 4th free 41.37.
Free Relay
1st—2:36.14 Landis Beverly, Kobe Clevenger, Kalen Wallin, Taylor Jablonski.
1st—1:24.15 Megan Engbrecht, Alexis Jensen, Taylin McNair, Kristina Pflum.
3rd—1:57.50 Lauren Prior, Stevie Baker, Kaylee Meeske, Kelly Christensen.
2nd—1:18.83 Aubrey Fisher, Janessa Haarberg, Makenna Wallin, Charlie Ann Carter.
1st—1:10.32 Justus Wallin, Kevin German, Justin German, Garret Thompson.
1st—1:19.50 Alyssa Fisher, Sabrina Hayes, Hannah Harmon, Jasmine Laird.
Team points—Imperial 409, Indianola 193, Grant 147, Wauneta 69, Benkelman 413.
Medley Relay
1st—1:42.68 Alexis Jensen, Megan Engbrecht, Taylin McNair, Kristina Pflum.
1st—1:58.12 Dakota Wallin, Cain Haarberg, Jace Clevenger, Blake Schilke.
2nd—1:36.29 Aubrey Fisher, Makenna Wallin, Claire Kuenne, Janessa Haarberg.
1st—1:15.25 Justus Wallin, Justin German, Garret Thompson, Ethan Haarberg.
3rd—1:30.3 Hannah Harmon, Alyssa Fisher, Sabrina Hayes, Charlie Ann Carter.