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Lady Longhorns cap off season with big win; state qualification now priority PDF Print E-mail

Peterson ups pole vault mark to better school record at Chase County
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Chase County won its fifth regular season meet on Friday in Benkelman, but now the focus for the Lady Longhorns is getting to the state meet.
“Our goal now is for state qualification,” said Head Chase County Girls’ Coach Troy Hauxwell.
He didn’t want to list possible state qualifiers, but the Lady Longhorns have the ability to send a good number to Omaha May 22-23.
Several Chase County athletes are leading the district or are in the top two as the team travels to Bayard today (Thursday) for the C-11 meet.
Hauxwell believes Bayard is the team to beat in order for Chase County to repeat as the District C-11 champion.
Heading into Thursday’s meet, Chase County athletes have the best C-11 district time/height in four events. Two of them are the 1600 and 3200 meter relay teams of Taylin McNair, Paige Spady, Kadyn Milner and Destiny Reinke.
In addition, Katelyn Wheeler’s 5’6” in the high jump leads the district as does Josie Peterson’s 9’10” in the pole vault.
Peterson hit that 9’10” mark Friday at the Dundy Co./Stratton meet, improving her previous best of 9’6” and upping her hold in the CCS record. It also broke the Dundy Co./Stratton meet record of 9’9”.
Added to the district leaders are several Lady Longhorns sitting in the No. 2 spot in C-11 including McNair in the 400, Reinke in the 800 and MaKenna Ketter in the high jump. Others are holding on to strong third place spots this week.
In order to make the cut for state at districts, an athlete must place in the top two in the individual running and field events. Only the first place relay teams qualify out of districts plus the next five fastest times in all Class C districts.
In addition, there are automatic qualifying marks for girls in Class C. If those are reached at districts, no matter where the athlete places at the meet, they will also earn a ticket to state. Here are those automatic qualifying marks:
High jump—5’1”
Long jump—16’7”
Triple jump—34’8”
Pole vault—9’6”
Thursday’s meet starts with the first round of field events at 10 a.m. The 3200 meter relay starts the running events at 11:30 a.m.
Second session of field events is set for a 2 p.m. start with the finals in the running events to start at 3:30 p.m.
Other teams at districts Thursday will include Bridgeport, Dundy Co./Stratton, Gordon/Rushville, Hemingford, Kimball and Perkins Co.
Dundy Co./Stratton meet
Chase County picked up eight first place finishes to win the meet Friday in Benkelman.
Besides Peterson, other first place medalists were McNair in the 200 and 400, Reinke in the 800, Peyton Fiedler in the 300 meter hurdles and Wheeler in the high jump.
The 1600 and 3200 meter relay teams won both races easily.
Reinke just missed setting a new meet record in the 800 with her finish of 2:22.76. The current record is 2:22.60 set in 2007.
However, Dundy Co./Stratton’s meet last week used the Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) for the first time, which likely tightened up the times compared to the time set in 2007, Hauxwell noted.
“She was so close,” he said.
McNair ran her best time in the 400 Friday to win the event, and move her into the second place best time in the district and pushing DC/Stratton’s Aubrey Frederick into the third place district spot.
Frederick beat McNair in the 400 at the Chase Co. meet last month.
Hauxwell credited McNair for coming off the 3200 relay and then running  her best time in the 400, putting her in great position for district competition this week, when she and Frederick both will be up against the district leader Jessi Smith of Bayard who’s clocked a 58.80.
Fiedler’s first in the 300 meter hurdles also came with a second place in the 100 and fourth in the pole vault. She’s sitting third in all three events among district C-11 athletes.
Ketter had a personal best in the high jump at 5’3”, which moved her into second in the district.
Spady’s second place finish in the 1600 came among three strong milers, Hauxwell said. She’s sitting third in that event in the district.
Hauxwell also noted the efforts of Chase County’s throwers, three who scored on Friday. They continue to improve, he said.
Here are the top eight place-winners who scored at the Dundy Co./Stratton meet.
100 Meters—1st, Lexy Leitner, 13.17, ARC; 2nd, Peyton Fiedler, 13.41, CC; 3rd, Lesley Towery, 13.43, W/P; 4th, Rohey Singhateh, 13.45, ARC; 5th, Sydnee Harchelroad, 14.07, W/P; 6th, Fayelee Sanford, 14.14, DCS; 7th, Kimberly Anderson, 14.58, PC.
200 Meters—1st, Taylin McNair, 27.33, CC; 2nd, Sydnee Harchelroad, 28.32, W/P; 3rd, Emily Jones, 28.71, DCS; 4th, Whitney Rosno, 29.23, HC; 5th, Kalin Ritchey, 29.35, Chey; 6th, Jaelynn Sis, 29.62, ARC; 7th, Jasmine Laird, 30.54, CC; 8th, Ashlee Huestis, 32.40, SP.
400 Meters—1st, Taylin McNair, 1:00.88, CC; 2nd, Lesley Towery, 1:01.39, W/P; 3rd, Aubrey Frederick, 1:02.48, DCS; 4th, Lexy Leitner, 1:03.46, ARC; 5th, Allie Frisbie, 1:04.33, Chey; 6th, Margaret May, 1:05.89, W; 7th, Alyssa Moreno, 1:06.11, CC; 8th, McKenzie Hixon, 1:07.07, SP.
800 Meters—1st, Destiny Reinke, 2:22.76, CC; 2nd, Emily Jones, 2:33.00, DCS; 3rd, Kayla Minary, 2:38.98, May; 4th, Madisen Messersmith, 2:40.30, W; 5th, Stephanie Schrotberger, 2:41.72, PC; 6th, Kalin Ritchey, 2:44.23, Chey; 7th, Josie Peterson, 2:49.66, CC; 8th, Diana Garcia, 2:50.36, Chey.
1600 Meters—1st, Madison Lambley, 5:37.55, DCS; 2nd, Paige Spady, 5:48.75, CC; 3rd, Kayla Minary, 5:59.13, May; 4th, Kaitlin Howard, 6:07.41, HC; 5th, Kaley Hauxwell, 6:10.25, CC; 6th, Laura Nelms, 6:31.05, DCS; 7th, Audrey Dickmander, 6:35.61, SP; 8th, Kaylee Meeske, 6:40.71, CC.
3200 Meters—1st, Madison Lambley, 12:10.08, DCS; 2nd, Kayla Minary, 12:41.90, May; 3rd, Emily Kemling, 12:49.69, PC; 4th, Kaley Hauxwell, 13:10.60, CC; 5th, Kaitlin Howard, 13:15.14, HC; 6th, BreAnna Kahler, 15:29.76, May; 7th, Alexis Mentzer, 16:18.10, SP; 8th, Annalena Ter-Heide, 17:13.85, DCS.
100 Meter Hurdles—1st, Faith Simpson, 17.30, W/P; 2nd, Amanda Osler, 17.70, PC; 3rd, Marisa Foster, 18.29, May; 4th, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, 18.74, CC; 5th, Natalie Hawkins, 18.80, ARC; 6th, Brittany Simeon, 19.22, CC; 7th, Abbie Horton, 19.33, ARC; 8th, Dawson Latta, 19.39, DCS.
300 Meter Hurdles—1st, Peyton Fiedler, 50.37, CC; 2nd, Allie Frisbie, 51.38, Chey; 3rd, Brittany Simeon, 54.54, CC; 4th, Megan Engbrecht, 54.64, CC; 5th, Dawson Latta, 55.46, DCS; 6th, Marisa Foster, 57.20, May; 7th, Sydney Mullen, 59.06, HC.
4x100 Relay—1st, ARC, 52.71; 2nd, CC (K. Milner, M. Ketter, M. Wallin, P. Fiedler), 53.21; 3rd, DCS, 54.66; 4th, PC, 55.12; 5th, HC, 55.43; 6th, W, 56.37; 7th, SP, 1:00.11; 8th, Chey, 1:00.42.
4x400 Relay—1st, CC (T. McNair, P. Spady, K. Milner, D. Reinke), 4:15.86; 2nd, W/P, 4:28.36; 3rd, DCS, 4:34.76; 4th, W, 4:35.60; 5th, Chey, 5:03.74.
4x800 Relay—1st, CC (T. McNair, P. Spady, K. Milner, D. Reinke), 10:34.39; 2nd, Chey, 11:33.44; 3rd, DCS, 13:05.52.
Shot Put—1st, Abby Werkmeister, 38-02.00, May; 2nd, Payton Zarkowski, 33-07.50, DCS; 3rd, Lauren Terry, 31-06.50, ARC; 4th, Elizabeth Keltz, 31-04.00, Chey; 5th, Hannah Nordhausen, 30-11.00, W/P; 6th, Kaitlynn Heinemann, 30-01.75, PC; 7th, Mindy Castle, 29-11.75, CC; 8th, Rachel Keltz, 29-03.50, Chey.
Discus—1st, Faith Simpson, 120-05, W/P; 2nd, Payton Zarkowski, 102-05, DCS; 3rd, Abby Werkmeister, 101-01, May; 4th, Lauren Terry, 98-02, ARC; 5th, Hannah Nordhausen, 93-06, W/P; 6th, Andrea Page, 88-05, CC; 7th, Abbey Rohde, 87-04, W; 8th, Taylar Nickless, 84-10, CC.
High Jump—1st, Katelyn Wheeler, 5-04.00, CC; 2nd, MaKenna Ketter, 5-03.00, CC; 3rd, Faith Simpson, 4-09.00, W/P; 4th, McKenzie Hixon, 4-07.00, SP; 5th, Natalie Hawkins, 4-05.00, ARC; 5th, Laura Nelms, 4-05.00, DCS; 7th, Sydney Mullen, 4-05.00, HC; 8th, Abbie Horton, 4-03.00, ARC; 8th, Ragan Nickless, 4-03.00, CC.
Pole Vault—1st, Josie Peterson, 9-10.00, CC; 2nd, Kaylee Burke, 9-02.00, DCS; 3rd, Tiffany Hill, 8-10.00, SP; 4th, Peyton Fiedler, 8-06.00, CC; 5th, Kendra Hoffert, 8-02.00, PC; 6th, Fayelee Sanford, 7-10.00, DCS; 7th, Dawson Latta, 7-06.00, DCS.
Long Jump—1st, Rohey Singhateh, 17-01.00, ARC; 2nd, Lesley Towery, 16-04.50, W/P; 3rd, Aubrey Frederick, 15-02.00, DCS; 4th, Kimberly Anderson, 15-00.00, PC; 5th, Madisen Messersmith, 14-10.75, W; 6th, Colby Cox, 14-09.50, HC; 7th, Hannah Nelson, 14-05.00, W; 8th, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, 14-03.50, CC.
Triple Jump—1st, Allie Frisbie, 34-06.50, Chey; 2nd, Sarah Allen, 32-04.50, CC; 3rd, Kimberly Anderson, 31-07.00, PC; 4th, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, 31-06.50, CC; 5th, McKenzie Hixon, 30-11.25, SP; 6th, Colby Cox, 30-08.50, HC; 7th, Abbie Horton, 29-02.00, ARC; 8th, Lauren Gockley, 26-11.50, CC.


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